Tenant Screening Reports



Renter Credit Reports, Criminal Checks & Eviction Reports –

All Chargeable to Your Renters


Tenant screening reports – chargeable directly to your applicants.


Full credit reports with FICO score. Nationwide criminal background checks. Nationwide eviction reports. And we haven’t even launched our VIP screening service yet!

Full Credit Reports


SparkRental has partnered with credit bureau Transunion to bring you full credit reports (with FICO score)!

Unlike most credit report services, ours doesn’t require you to have a site inspection. The applicant approves your request electronically, and as soon as they do, the reports are released to you. If the applicant doesn’t approve your request, you’re never charged.

Oh, and did we mention that you can select who pays for the report?

Nationwide Criminal Background Checks


Want a violent ex-con living in your property? What about a sex offender? Or hey, what about a check scam artist?

Your report bundle with Transunion will include a nationwide criminal background check. Federal, state, and local criminal records – all compiled into one report.

And yes, we check the sex offender registry, too.

Nationwide Eviction Reports


Want to include eviction reports with your tenant credit report and criminal background check? No problem.

We actually feel strongly that the eviction history report is the most important measure of all – after all, that’s what you really want to know, right? Whether a renter has ever broken their lease agreement before, and needed to be evicted?

Find out if your applicant has a clean history or whether they’re a professional tenant bouncing from one lease to the next, always needing to be evicted for their landlord to be rid of them.

Free Rental Application

Tenant screening starts with a detailed rental application. After all, what good is a credit report if you would never have accepted the renter anyway, based on their 90-pound pit bull?

Our rental application is free (good start, right?), can be e-signed, and has fields that renters can type directly into. No printing necessary! Just email a copy to your applicants, they can fill it out instantly, e-sign, and email it right back.

But you’re welcome to print it too, of course. It’s a PDF file, so it’s easy to email, download, print, or whatever else you want to do with it.

Happy tenant screening!

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