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Passive Investing: Real Estate Syndications

Passive real estate investing illustration
Learn how to invest passively in real estate syndications for 15-50% Returns

Active Investing: Landlord Tools & Software

Tools from free property management software to interactive maps to free ROI calculators

Compare Loans for Investment Properties

We’ve vetted rental property lenders for you.

From interest rates to loan-to-value ratios (LTV), we’ve put together several comparison charts for investment property loans.

Rental property loans are inherently different from short-term fix-and flip loans, so we broke them down into two separate charts for easy loan comparisons.

And if you’re cash-strapped, read up on 15 Clever Ways to Come Up with a Down Payment for a Rental Property.

Never worry again about how you’ll finance your next investment property!

investment property loan comparison

Learn Real Estate Investing

How to Find Properties Before They Hit the Market

How to Find Properties Before They Hit the Market

Want to score better deals on investment properties? Learn how to find properties before they hit the market. In a competitive real estate market, buyers and investors want to learn how to find homes before they become public knowledge. Try these 10 ways to find...

Reverse 1031 Exchange Timeline & Rules

Reverse 1031 Exchange Timeline & Rules

Real estate investors can famously defer capital gains taxes on investment properties with a 1031 exchange. They sell a property for a profit then roll the proceeds into a new real estate investment to avoid paying capital gains on the sold property — at least for the...

Cash-on-Cash Return Calculator: What Is Cash-on-Cash Return in Real Estate?

Cash-on-Cash Return Calculator: What Is Cash-on-Cash Return in Real Estate?

Heard real estate investors throw around the term “cash-on-cash return” but not entirely sure what it means?  While it might sound technical and complicated, it’s anything but. Especially since we have a free cash-on-cash return calculator that you can bookmark and...

Streitwise Review Q4 2022: A Private REIT Worth Investing In?

Streitwise Review Q4 2022: A Private REIT Worth Investing In?

Looking to invest in commercial real estate, but don’t have several million dollars lying around? Real estate crowdfunding platform Streitwise makes it easy to add commercial properties to your investment portfolio. I invest my own money with them. But as with any...

Heat Map: The Hottest Real Estate Markets in Q4 2022

Heat Map: The Hottest Real Estate Markets in Q4 2022

The coronavirus pandemic saw many real estate markets leap upward. Some saw home prices jump over 50% in a single year! Those days are rapidly receding into the rearview mirror. While year-over-year home price growth still looks strong in many counties, the picture...

The BRRRR Method in Real Estate: Invest with No Money (Infographic)

The BRRRR Method in Real Estate: Invest with No Money (Infographic)

Besides sounding like you’re shivering, the BRRRR method of real estate investing is an acronym standing for buy, renovate, rent, refinance, repeat. Some investors refer to it as the BRRR method, skipping the “rent” portion as self-explanatory. Whatever; semantics....

Property Management Software: By Landlords, For Landlords

From posting your vacant rental listings to many websites with one click, to fast & easy tenant screening, to powerfully-protective leasing documents, we have you covered.

And that’s just for filling vacancies & new tenancies!

Our ongoing property management software includes online rent collection, expense tracking and ledgers, simple (and recorded!) communications with renters, property photo and legal document storage, and MUCH more.

Advertise for Rent, Everywhere

  • Enter your rental listing details and upload your photos ONCE
  • Your rental listing goes out to Apartments.com, ForRent.com, and 6 other platforms
  • Include an “Apply Here” link to receive completed rental applications and screening reports!

Free, Instant Rental Application

  • Your applicants fill out a quick rental application online & e-sign it
  • Optionally select to include tenant screening reports
  • It all comes straight to your inbox

Complete Tenant Screening Reports

  • FREE Applicant Discovery Report (with SSN Trace)
  • Pick & choose reports: credit, criminal, eviction reports available
  • YOU select who pays for the screening reports – charge it directly to applicants if you want!

Leases, Disclosures, Addenda: All 50 States

  • FREE lease agreement available
  • Our premium lease packages include state-specific lease clauses, addenda, and disclosures
  • Maximum legal protection: ironclad landlord-protective clauses and addenda

Online Rent Collection

  • Tenants can pay by either ACH (eCheck) or credit card
  • Rents deposited directly into your bank account
  • Full banking security and confidentiality
  • Full integration with our expense tracking & income ledger
Eviction notices

Free Tenant Letters & Eviction Notices

  • Free eviction notices for all 50 states plus DC
  • Generate late rent notices & other tenant letters instantly
  • Auto-generate notices with one click and download as PDF

But Don’t Take Our Word for It:

“SparkRental is a one-stop shop platform. The software offers many online services for the landlord and an abundance of immediate free resources and information no matter your level of real estate experience. Explore the site and sign up.”

Art Z. Arguijo

Real Estate Investor & Landlord

“Amazing resource! I have used the SparkRental state-specific landlord forms and lease for a few years now and they are great! Perfect for my needs and affordable! I also now use their property management software to track expenses for my rentals and it is easy to use. I really enjoy the up-to-date information shared through their podcast.”

Holly P.

Real Estate Investor & Landlord

“I am an absolute fan of all things SparkRental. The website is very easy to use and the customer service is great! I can also always count on SparkRental with their weekly Tuesday afternoon Facebook Live Sessions to elaborate on a known topic or to introduce me to a completely new one.”

Tim Dooley

Real Estate Investor & Landlord

Denise Supplee & Brian Davis

SparkRental’s Founders: Real Estate Investors (not faceless corporate hacks)

Deni Supplee and G. Brian Davis love real estate, love passive income, and love teaching.

So we combined all those those together to create SparkRental.

Some people just want the high returns and tax benefits of real estate investments, but don’t want the headaches of becoming a landlord. For them, we created our Co-Investing Club and FIRE from Real Estate program to help them invest passively in real estate syndications.

In fact, Brian’s now one of those people, as he spends most of the year traveling overseas with his wife and daughter.

Others want the control of owning individual properties directly. For them, we created free landlord software (featuring free lease agreements, tenant screening, eviction notices, and more), free calculators (such as a free rental income calculator and free depreciation calculator), and interactive maps such as the best cities for rentals and real estate heat maps.

With enough passive income from real estate, you reach financial independence. You can live off your rents and distributions. And then your day job becomes optional, so you can go save the world or whatever else you’d do if you weren’t chained to a job.

Want to connect? Join us for our weekly live video podcasts on our Facebook page and Youtube channel, and bring your questions, rants, and raves!

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