SparkRental in the Press (2016-2017)

Quotes, References, Shout-Outs… Why the Press Loves Us as Much as Landlords & Renters!

SparkRental’s Founders Sharing Their Expertise with the World! HOA Makes Homeowners Leave Garage Doors Open for a Truly Silly Reason

Forced to leave their garage doors open by an HOA? Denise Supplee chimes in her thoughts on this odd requirement.



U.S.News: 12 Mind Tricks to Psych Yourself Out of Debt

Brian speaks to US News about how to take your mind away from the “can’t” and trick with “I can” Debt can be overcome! A Breakdown of Short Term Rental Management Fees

Did you ever wonder what the cost is for management of a short term or vacation rental? Deni speaks with Hostfully to provide this very useful information.


Money Tips: Should I Worry About A Lis Pendens in A Title Report?

What does a Notice of Pendency of Action Mean? Denise speaks to MoneyTips about Lis Pendens and what it is and how big of a hassle it could be. Will the Famous ‘Saturday Night Fever’ Home Sell … or Sit?

Can the “Saturday Night Fever” home sell for twice the amount of other homes in the area? Deni speaks to Judy Dutton at about her take on it. 12 Better Ways to Spend $1,000 Than on the New iPhone

An complete eye-opener for how much better we can use our money. Brian provides great information on where you can grow $1000.


The Street: Top Predictions for U.S. Home Prices In 2018

Home prices have been up in 2017. Many experts feel it will slow a bit in 2018. Our own Denise Supplee chimes in with her take.


Cornerstone Home Lending: Try Our 52 Week Money Challenge (Because we all need extra Christmas cash)

Great tips for every week of the year to get those savings flowing. We will let you in on a secret… week 1 of October has a great idea from our own Brian Davis. Can Sellers Back Out of a Home Sale? The 5 Times They May Bail

Surprisingly, there are some circumstances where a seller can actually back out of a sale. However, always remember to read these contracts.


GuruFocus: New Home Sales Highest in a Decade

Brian Davis speaks to David Goodloe of gurufocus and discusses the new home sales stats. The monthly increase is the sharpest since 1992!


USA Today: Excuse me, your vacation rental is missing something

Brian Davis speaks with Christopher Elliott of USA about surprising things owners of vacation property forget to provide to their renters.


BankRate: Need a bigger mortgage? These 5 strategies can help

Denise speaks to Bankrate and lets in on a little tip she used to re-finance her mortgage. All five strategies are very helpful should you find you are in need of refinancing or a larger mortgage than your pocket dictates.


Inman News: The top 7 ways real estate agents annoy clients

Denise speaks with Alec Sears of Inman News and gives her own spin on what can be irritating to customers. Have you ever had to deal with any of these annoyances? If You Find Your Own Buyer, Will Your Real Estate Agent Take Less Commission?

Many buyers are surprised at the answer to this question. And it is important always to ask any question you can think of before entering into a listing agreement with any agent!


TurnKey Vacation Rentals: 8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Vacation Rental

Purchasing a vacation home needs due diligence on the buyers part. It is not all “sitting in front of the fire in your log-cabin”. Great read with some tips from Denise on important things to take into consideration BEFORE you purchase a vacation property. How to Invest in Real Estate for Beginners: 10 Expert Strategies

Brian along with 9 other real estate experts give some beneficial tips for real estate investor newbies.




Cornerstone Home Funding: Getting The House You Want: Low and No Down Payment Mortgage Programs

Denise contributes some ways and tips on getting that mortgage even if you do not have that traditional 20% down payment. Cheap Moving Boxes, Trucks, and Other Money-Saving Hacks Revealed

Moving is so stressful. Here are tips and hacks to make the task of moving a bit easier and even less expensive. Brian Davis offers some really great ideas! 5 Bad Landlords You Might Meet—and How to Keep Them in Line

Yes, it is true; there are a few bad landlords. Denise speaks with Matt Christensen about the various types and as a landlord, should you see yourself in any of these descriptions, perhaps, it’s time to change.


HearPrenuer: 18 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business

18 entrepreneurs were asked why they started their businesses, including Spark Rental’s own, Brian Davis. Very inspiring tales that led to self-employment.


Work-At-Home Success Story: How Denise Supplee Launched Her Real Estate Career To New Heights

An overview of Denise’s work-at-home life and strategies. For many working at home seems like a day spent in PJ’s, but is that the real deal?


CEOBlogNation: 12 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on Co-working spaces, Is It Yay or Nay?

Besides the obvious “nay” of distractions, read on for the many other points-of-view on sharing working space is a positive or negative experience.


Avvo Stories: How to make renting a home more like buying a home

For many, renting is a necessity or just makes sense. Here is a great guide on how to make your rental feel like your own. The Obamas May Buy Beachfront Property in Martha’s Vineyard: What Could Go Wrong?

Apparently former President Obama and the fam are eyeing up some property in Martha’s Vineyard. They are interested in two parcels of land.


SuperMoney: Top 10 Money-Making Home Improvements

Brian Davis featured on this informative publication regarding home improvements that retain ROI, some may be quite a surprise!


URBO: Unrealistic Portrayals Of TV Characters’ Lives Could Affect How You View The World (And Yourself)

Who woulda thunk? Denise speaks with Judith Wiles at URBO and finds it very interesting how unrealistic the portrayal is of life on television, even with regards to real estate.


OneRent: How To Get Started In Real Estate Investing

Brian Davis offer insight on this informative read on real estate investing. He particularly focuses on where the business of real estate investment is heading.


Hostfully: The Best Guest Experience Tips from 15 Vacation Rental Pros

What makes a truly great vacation experience? Denise along with 14 other vacation rental experts chimed in with great suggestions.


InvestmentZen: 48 Financial Experts Reveal How Much Money They Need To Retire

Diversified information from top experts in the financial field, including our own Brian Davis who reveals why real estate is a viable option. Beyonce and JAY Z’s Struggle to Buy a Home: What’s Taking So Long

Denise and Brian offer insights on how even the rich and famous have struggles scoring the home of their dreams.


Student Loan Hero: How to Save for a Down Payment on a House

Brian Davis speaks with Andrew Pentis providing several tips on getting a down payment together in order to buy real estate.


Financial Educators Council: Pay Down Debt or Invest? The Answer is Complex

There is much confusion around this subject. Brian Davis provides his thoughts on how to handle debt and investments.


GuruFocus: Productivity Inches Upward in 2nd Quarter

Even though productivity exceeded expectations; what does this truly mean? Brian Davis explores this with David Goodloe. Inside Kanye West’s 7-Year Journey to Sell His Home: What Went Wrong?

Reputation, bad timing, pricing can all attribute to the struggle Kanye had with selling his mansion. Brian Davis of Spark Rental provided Natalie Way of with his take on this situation.


HouseLoanBlog:3 Facts Most Homeowners Don’t Know About The Homestead Exemption

What is a homestead exemption? Read this informative article that explains the ins and outs of these little known exemptions that could be pretty advantageous to many homeowners.


GoBankingRates: 8 States With the Biggest Real Estate Bubbles

When most of us hear the term “real estate bubble” it is assumed to be a nationwide issue. Brian talked to the folks at GOBANKINGRATES shedding light that is more local and discussed the 8 states in danger.


Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch: 50 Tips to Sell Your Property Faster & At a Better Price

The Wall Street Journal chats with our Brian Davis about tips to sell your property for more money, and to unload that bad boy faster.


apartment-rental-shoppingForbes: How to Find a Great Deal on an Apartment

Preparing to move? Stretch your dollar as far as it will go by finding a great deal on your next apartment. Forbes checks in with Spark Rental co-founder Denise Supplee to talk about dealhunting on your apartment search.


GuruFocus:Consumer Borrowing Slows in June-Credit card debt sets record

What does this mean? Is consumer confidence at a high? Brian speaks with John Engle about the implications and ramifications regarding the increase in consumer credit debt. So Long, Silicon Valley: The Best Cities for Tech Jobs in 2017

Could it be “move over Rover” to the Silicone Valley as the Tech center of the US? Spark Rental’s Brian Davis and Judy Dutton from explore just that!


HouseLoanBlog: You’ve Got This: Save Money and Conserve Energy With 10 Fall-Friendly Tips

Read about these great ideas on not only conserving energy but saving some bucks as well. Brian Davis provided a pretty surprising one.


TurnKey: How Vacation Rentals Can Meet New Guest Demands with Technology

The landscape of managing real estate including vacation rentals is getting easier due to technology advances. Denise had the pleasure of speaking to TurnKey’s Rachel Hartman about just this. The Bargain Hunter’s Guide to Buying a Home: 7 Ways to Get the Best Deal

Let’s face it, we all want a bargain, even when it come to real estate! Denise offers a tip in this informative article by Cathie Ericson.


Fall Real Estate InvestingTime Money Magazine: The Best Things About Buying Properties in the Fall

Everyone thinks spring and summer are the best times of year to buy real estate, but buyers have an edge in autumn. Time Magazine’s Money segment checks in with Spark Rental’s Brian Davis.


USA Today: 50 Ways House Hunters Can Get Ready for Homebuying Season

I mean, not to brag or anything, but guess whose tip was #1? All right enough ego stroking but we did enjoy talking to USA Today about the spring flurry of real estate activity, even if we’re all-year-round kinda folks ourselves!


FitSmallBusiness: How To Buy Real Estate at Auction in 5 Steps

Have you ever considered purchasing a home at an auction? Brian provides information on how to stay within a budget while also participating in a real estate auction. How to Negotiate a Realtor Commission

Everything in life is negotiable, especially in real estate! reached out to our Denise Supplee for tips on how to negotiate your real estate agent’s commission, which you can (and should) use to save thousands on your next deal.


FitSmallBusiness: How to Run a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) the Right Way

Technology strikes again. With resources such as the Zillow website and local MLS software; creating a comparable report for listings is much easier for new agents. Denise talks with the folks at FitSmallBusiness all about it.


Funding for real estate flipsInvestopedia: Where Can I Borrow Money to Flip a House?

It’s not quite so easy to find funding for a property flip as it is for a primary resident. We chatted with Investopedia about funding options for real estate investors, since most of us can’t afford to buy in cash!


distressed rental propertyU.S. News & World Report: Distressed Property: A Clean Play for Investors?

Distressed real estate got a terrible rap back in the foreclosure crisis of 2007-2011. What do real estate investors need to know if they’re considering a venture into distressed properties? U.S News & World Report discusses with Spark Rental’s Brian Davis and Invest Four More’s Mark Ferguson.


the-street-interviews-spark-rental-founder-denise-suppleeThe Street: With Rental Prices Rising, Is the Landlord Life for You?

The Street’s real estate columnist Brian O’Connell sits down with Spark Rental co-founder Denise Supplee to talk about life as a landlord, with all its ups and downs. A candid conversation and excellent glimpse into the day-to-day of being a landlord.


Forbes: 8 Ways To Know You’re Ready To Be A Remote Worker

Thinking about working remotely? Or perhaps even working for yourself from home? Forbes talks with Spark Rental co-founder Denise Supplee about the challenges and rewards of working remotely, and how to know if you’re ready to take the leap.


huffington-post-on-rent-scamsThe Huffington Post: As Rents Rise, Scammers Float to the Top

How can renters and landlords alike avoid rent-related scams? With rents ever growing, there’s more money than ever to be made in rent scams, so landlords, tenants and property managers alike need to keep a watchful eye when working with strangers.


landlord lawsuitFox News: When Can Your Landlord Sue You for Property Damage?

So, you caused some damage to your rented property… if repairs cost more than the security deposit, can your landlord sue you? sits down with Spark Rental’s Brian Davis to discuss.


U.S. News & World Report: Should You Move into a Micro-Apartment?

What are the pros and cons of a micro-apartment? Is it really like living in a shoebox, or can they feel homey? Denise had fun chatting with U.S. News & World Report about this curious new housing trend.


Brian Davis rental industry 6 Apartment Upgrades That Landlords Hate

For any renters out there thinking about making some, ah, modifications to their apartment, watch out for these! Our Brian Davis talks security deposits with, and how to make sure you get yours back! 9 Ways to Lower Your Monthly Credit Card Payment

Sure, you can (and should) pay down your balance. But what else can you do to lower your monthly credit card bill? asked our resident personal finance expert Brian Davis for some tips.


SuperMoney: 13 Programs for First-Time Homebuyers

Thinking about buying your first piece of real estate? SuperMoney asked our co-founder Denise Supplee for tips and programs to help first-time homebuyers score their first property!


Citi Bank: How to Save for a Down Payment on Your First Home

Citi Bank knows a thing or two about finance. So we were flattered when they asked us to discuss personal finance and savings tips to help renters save for a down payment on their first home! A Rehab Mortgage Is Perfect for Fixer-Uppers

Thinking about buying a fixer-upper? Your garden variety mortgage won’t cut it. asked Denise what tips she has for homebuyers or novice real estate investors looking for their first rehab financing. New Law Keeps Landlords From Hiking the Rent, and You’ll Never Guess How

Portland’s landlord-tenant laws have become among the most lopsided in the country. Denise talks to about the repercussions of Portland’s new law that forces landlords to pay some tenants’ moving costs.


LawDepot: 9 Expert Legal Tips for New Landlords

When LawDepot wants expert legal advice on landlord-tenant issues, who do they call? Why, our own Denise Supplee of course! Denise supplied not one but three of the expert legal tips. Just sayin’.


Realty Executives: How to Sell Your Property Quickly in a Hot Market

Sellers don’t always have the luxury of time. Brian offered some ideas to Realty Executives on how sellers can move quickly to sell their property.


Hostfully: Vacation Rental Property Management: Everything You Need to Know

Managing a vacation rental property is different from it’s counterpart, the longer term residential living arrangement. Brian Davis, of Spark Rental explores this with the team at Hostfully


Forbes: ‘Develop A Bizarre Ritual’ And 13 Other Ways New Grads Can Save Money

Brian could talk personal finance and savings habits all day. Sometimes he does. Fortunately, Forbes likes to listen. (At least somebody does!) How to Use a VA Loan to Buy a Rental Property

VA loans are among the best mortgages available. How can veterans, servicemembers and military spouses use them to buy rental properties? talks about the ins and outs with our Brian Davis, who started his career in the mortgage industry.


MoneyGeek: Protecting Yourself as a Home Renter

What do renters need to know before signing a new lease agreement? What do they need to know about security deposits, renters insurance, and a million other details? MoneyGeek worked with Brian Davis to compile this detailed, comprehensive guide. Earnest Money Deposit: How Home Sellers Can Keep It Fair & Square

No seller wants to have a buyer bail out on the contract a week before settlement. How can real estate sellers protect themselves? Brian talks earnest money deposits with


GoodCall: Southern Suburbs Top List of Best Places to Buy a Forever Home

What makes a good “forever home”? Where are the best places in the US to buy one? Denise Supplee chats with GoodCall about what to look for as buyers evaluate where to buy real estate and set down roots.


landlord-secretsAOL Finance: 7 Secrets You Can’t Keep from Your Landlord

It’s not always fun coming clean, but your landlord needs to know when certain things happen in their property. Here are seven secrets you shouldn’t keep from your landlord, and why not.


what landlords do with rent paymentsThe Penny Hoarder: What Do Landlords Do with My Rent?

While some of the rent probably goes toward the mortgage, landlords have plenty of other expenses, too. Here’s what happens to your rent money once it arrives in the hands of your landlord.


spark-rental-press-forbesForbes: 7 Warning Signs You’re Not Ready to Buy Real Estate

Investing in real estate, whether a primary residence or an investment property, is not for everyone all the time (despite what the politicians might tell you about the “American Dream”). Brian Davis from Spark Rental chats with Forbes about when – and when not – to by a home.


real-estate-dealsThe Simple Dollar: 5 Home Flaws Worth Overlooking to Score a Better Deal

Not all flaws are inherently bad. When shopping for real estate deals, sometimes you want to look for properties that other buyers are afraid to tackle. Here are five property flaws that can help you score a better deal when bargain shopping.


real-estate-disclosuresTrulia: 6 Things to Include in a Seller Disclosure

Legal disclosures may not be the sexiest thing in the world, but they’re your armor against broken contracts, lawsuits, and the other nasty things that can go wrong. Denise Supplee explains legal protection with Trulia. 12 Affordable Upgrades to Help Make Your Apartment Look Fancy

Whether you’re a renter or a landlord, you probably want the apartment in your care to look more upscale. No sweat! And no deep pockets required either – Brian offered some tips and upgrades to to help elevate any apartment. Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate on a Budget

Not every real estate investor has private yacht budget (rather, they haven’t reached that point yet), so where can investors get started find good investment properties on a limited budget? Turns out you’re not the only one who asked. and their readers also wanted to know, so we discussed it with them.


FutureofEverything: Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s the Future of Real Estate?

What will the real estate industry, and housing in general, look like in ten years from now? Glad you asked! The fun futurists over at FutureofEverything asked our Brian Davis as well, and liked his answers. Peer into the crystal ball!


borrow money quicklySupermoney: Ways to Borrow Money Quickly in a Pinch

We’ve all been there, in an emergency when we need cash and we need it now. We talked to Supermoney about some options, for when you find yourself in a crunch and need some money pronto.


higher profits selling real estateGoBankingRates: 25 Tricks to Sell Your Home for a Higher Profit

For most people, their home is the largest asset. Even a 1% boost in sales price means thousands of dollars, so here are some tricks to sell for more without all that pesky spending.


msn-quotes-spark-rentalMSN: 20 Renovations that Will Hurt Your Property’s Value

Not everything that glitters is gold. Some renovations and updates may look enticing now, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get that money back in higher resale value when you go to sell. MSN talks return on investment with Spark Rental in this fun (and occasionally funky) slideshow.


Brian Davis InterviewStartInPhx: Entrepreneur Case Study – Brian Davis, Co-Founder of Spark Rental

Excellent interview with our co-founder Brian Davis, about the (occasionally odd) path his career has taken. From business lessons he’s learned to tips any real estate investor and businessperson can use, it’s a fascinating interview.


foreclosure vs. short saleBeSmartee: What’s Worse, a Short Sale or a Foreclosure?

When borrowers fall behind on their mortgage, should they work out a short sale or just the property go to foreclosure? Denise chats with BeSmartee about impact on credit and what she looks for as a landlord when screening tenants. Moving to a New City? How to Make Your New Town Feel Like Home

New digs in a new town? No sweat. Well, ok, a little bit of sweat, but here are some tips for meeting friends, settling in and making your new house into home sweet home.


find-a-good-deal-on-rentSelfLender: 7 Tips for Finding an Apartment Deal

Rents have risen precipitously in most U.S. cities over the last five years, making it harder than ever to find a good deal. We chatted with SelfLender about how renters can score a good deal, even in competitive rental markets.


Forbes Spark Rental Winter Real EstateForbes: 8 Ways to Get a Deal on Winter Real Estate

Real estate’s off season can spell good deals for those willing to brave the cold and buck the trend. Hibernation is for buttercups and bears – go find some deals on properties!


trulia-landlord-article-with-spark-rentalTrulia: 8 Signs Your Landlord Secretly Has Your Back

People love to vilify landlords, but most landlords are everyday folks who just want you to pay your bills on time and treat their property with respect. Beyond that, most landlords really do want you to succeed in life – here are 8 signs your landlord is looking out!


delinquent tenantsAvvoStories: How to Handle a Tenant Behind on Rent

Bad tenants spell bad returns, which is why tenant screening is so important. But if you’re in the throes of a delinquent tenancy, how can you extricate yourself from it with minimal damage? Here are some times and advice, courtesy of AvvoStories and Spark Rental co-founder Brian Davis.


ceo-blog-nation-brian-davisCEO Blog Nation: 15 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business

Among the entrepreneurs chosen to share their story? Spark Rental’s Brian Davis! CEO Blog Nation’s “Hearpreneurs” program features the story of Spark Rental.


renter privacyYahoo News: How Much Privacy Are Landlords Legally Required to Give Tenants?

When does landlord-tenant communication cross the line into harassment? How much notice do landlords have to give tenants before entering the rental unit? Angela Colley of and Yahoo News talks privacy with Spark Rental’s Brian Davis.


personal-finance-scaredU.S. News & World Report: How 5 People Survived Their Financial Nightmares

Money – or rather lack of money – can be terrifying. U.S. News & World Report talks money with our co-founder Brian Davis, who’s had his fair share of financial shocks over the years.


buy-real-estate-at-auctionBeSmartee: Is Buying Properties at Auction Worth It?

Auctions are tricky, but can yield some great deals. Here’s what homebuyers and rental investors should know before bidding at a real estate auction, to avoid losing their shirt!


real estate trends spark rentalProSource: Go for Rustic Glam with Modern Farmhouse Styling

We love real estate, and not just the dollars and cents. Talking home fashion and trends is fun too! Check out some expert tips for creating a rustic glam look without “going redneck.”


buy real estate - spark rental pressGoBankingRates: When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Home?

The answer varies by region, but there are some surprising stats and tidbits in here about when buyers can find the best deal. Here’s what property buyers should be aware of as they consider timing their purchase.


LighterSide: 21 Most Unusual Pet Encounters Realtors Are Still Reliving

It is not just dogs, cat and fish that Realtors have to deal with. Denise contributes a funny anecdote to the many unusual encounters Realtors have with odd pets.


budget-for-buying-rental-propertiesSelfLender: 5 Tips for Balancing Student Loans with Big Purchases

Creating budgets is all about priorities. SelfLender checks in with us about budgeting and balancing debts with big investments like buying a home or rental investment property.


PennyMac: How To Buy a House: Tips From Experts

There is more to purchasing a home than looking through the sales listings. Get some insights from housing marketing experts including our own Denise Supplee.


walkability-housingLifezette: House Hunting and Health — Inseparable

Walkability has been an increasingly popular “amenity” in the last fifteen years. Here’s how Americans attitudes are changing, when it comes to housing, walking, health and the old suburban “drive everywhere” mentality.


Trulia article - rental application approvedTrulia: How to Score Your First Apartment with Bad Credit

People with bad credit still have to live somewhere – what can they do, to convince landlords and property managers to sign a lease with them over other rental applications with better credit? Trulia talks apartment hunting with our own Denise Supplee.

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Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals


Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals


Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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