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Get to really know your rental applicants.


Download our free rental application form, email it to your applicants, and they’ll fill in the fields, e-sign it and email it right back.

Or print off 20 copies before your next open house and collect them on the spot from prospects. Just remember to bring enough pens.

Collecting a rental application is the first step in tenant screening. How long has the applicant lived in their current home? Where do they work? How long have they been there? Do they have pets or children or cars?

Before you advertise your unit for rent, brush up on a few rental advertising and tenant screening skills. We particularly recommend watching this one-minute video about subtle red flags in tenant screening.

This free rental application authorizes you to contact employers, past landlords, references and anyone else you need to call to check the applicant’s credentials. It also authorizes you to pull credit reports, criminal background checks, and eviction reports… which you can do from our Tenant Screening page.

No fluff, no nonsense, just an easy-to-use free rental application form in PDF format with fillable fields and an e-signature.

Ready to run credit reports, criminal checks and eviction reports?


Or maybe you’d like us to verify your applicant’s income, employment, housing history and reliability?

No problem.

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