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Post Your Rental Listing on Many Top Websites at Once!

Enter Your Listing Once, Publish It Everywhere

SparkRental has partnered with Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Zumper, and more to syndicate your rental listings online.

All you have to do is enter your vacant rental unit details, such as address, rent, amenities, a description, and rules like whether you allow pets. Upload your photos, and voilá! 

With a single click, you post your rental listings across the Internet.

Instant “Apply Now” Button

When your rental listings go live, they include an “Apply Now” button that prospective renters can click to, you got it, apply!

They then submit a rental application through our property management software that goes directly to you. You can view their income and employment details, rental history, pets, and other relevant details.

Seamless for both you as the landlord and your applicants, for instant rental applications without you even having to send a link or print off paper copies.

Optionally Include Tenant Screening Reports

Want to collect credit reports, criminal background checks, and eviction history reports alongside your rental applications?

No sweat.

When you list your vacant unit for rent, you select which reports you want included with rental applications. We then verify the applicant’s identity, and they pay the fee for the tenant screening reports.

You don’t have to hassle with collecting rental application fees, you just get an email notification for each new application you receive, and can view the credit, criminal, and eviction reports alongside it.

What Does It Cost?

It is 100% free to advertise your vacant rental properties on SparkRental, Zumper, and PadMapper. And only $6.99 per week for Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads. 

Collecting rental applications is also completely free.

If you collect tenant screening reports, including credit reports, criminal background checks, and eviction history reports, the applicant generally pays for those directly, making them free for you too.

Here’s what you can expect for free, and what costs money:

  • Most Tools Free, the Rest Transparent

  • Fill Vacancies Fast

  • Online Rental Application
  • Full credit report with FICO score, nationwide criminal background check including sex offender searchFull Credit & Criminal Report Package
  • Nationwide Eviction Report
  • Advertise Vacant Units Free
    free rental advertising
  • Advertise Vacant Units
    advertise rental units on Zillow
  • Move-In & Leases

  • Free General Lease Agreement
  • State-Specific Lease Agreements
  • Edit the legal clauses directly (at your own risk, of course!)Direct Lease Clause Editing
  • Convert Rental Application to Lease
  • E-Sign & Store Signed Docs (state leases only)
  • Manage Rents & Finances

  • Online Rent Collection (ACH or credit card)
  • We'll report your tenant's rent history to the credit bureaus to incentivize them to pay on time every month!Rent Reported to Credit Bureaus (coming soon)
    report rent to credit bureaus
  • Fully integrated with online rent collection system, with manual entry features too. Income & Expense Ledger
  • Receipt Storage
  • Detailed financial reporting including: Income & Expense Reports, Live E-Payment Tracking, and Upcoming Scheduled Payment Reports.Financial & Tax Reporting
  • Simplified Management

  • Eviction notices for all 50 states, plus free landlord letters!State Eviction Notices & Tenant Letters
  • All landlord-tenant communications logged and recorded through a unique tenant portal.Maintenance & Communication Logging
  • # of Units
  • Free Account

  • $0 — Forever

  • Free for Landlord, Tenant Pays $29.95
  • Free for Landlord, Tenant Pays $9.95
  • $6.99/week
  • $29.95
  • Tenant can pay by ACH (free) or credit card (they pay a 3.99% convenience fee)ACH Free for Both Parties
    (for credit card, tenant pays 3.99%)
  • Unlimited

Streamline the advertising and tenant screening process to be completely seamless for both you and your applicants!

Tenant Screening 101 with Brian & Deni

Our co-founders Brian Davis and Deni Supplee review the six parts of tenant screening that landlords should do with every single applicant.

(Most are quick and easy!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost money to list my rental unit for rent?

No. It’s completely free.

That said, when we add Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads, they do charge you money. But we’ve delayed adding them until later because they charge.

Who pays for the tenant screening reports?


Most often the applicant will pay for the tenant screening reports themselves. However, ultimate level members get to choose whether the applicant or the landlord will pay! 


How do you verify rental applicants' identities for tenant screening?

We’ve partnered with credit bureau Transunion to verify all applicants’ identities.

They provide us with a series of questions, personally tailored for each applicant based on their credit history. These could include questions about who they bank with, who they borrowed their auto loan from, their prior address history, or other questions based on their personal credit history.

We only process their tenant screening reports once the applicant has verified their identity.

What's the application process like for my renter?

Once you invite an applicant to complete a tenant background check
1. They will be taken to an online portal where not only will they fill in a rental application online (that you can print).
2. The rental applicant will be asked for all sorts of Information, including contact Information, address history, employment, any other income, assets, liabilities. They will also supply references, asked if they have pets and what kind of car they drive. All topped off with the names of all occupants, and an electronic signature providing authorization to run all background checks.
3. They will go through a verification process, just to be sure they are who they say they are.
4. And then payment is made

My applicant has a good credit score. Do I really need to check references?

Yes, yes and did we say yes? A good tenant credit report score is an excellent measure. However, it should never be the only one.

How will you know if your renter applicant will take good care of the property? How do you know if your tenant applicant has a good, strong employment history?  A credit score will not provide these answers.

That is why we strongly urge landlords and property managers to not only speak to the current landlord but also the one before.

Make sure you ask these landlords questions such as:
1. How did the applicant care for the property?
2. Did you have to make any deductions from the security deposit?
3. Did the renter cause any nuisance complaints?

Similarly with the employer. Besides verifying the income, ask other important questions.
1. How long was so-and-so employed?
2. Do they show up for work every day?

The idea is to get as much of a background as possible to eliminate possible problems later.

Can I print the rental application?

Of course. We make it easy for to save off a PDF version of the rental application or print it directly within Spark Rental. When viewing the applicant, there is an option to “Download (PDF)”.

Do I need to have a site inspection to run credit reports?

You can either run the reports instantly or request them to be tenant-authorized.

However, if you choose to run an instant tenant credit report, you will need a one-time site inspection. It’s the law! If you choose this route, there is a set-up charge.

However, you DO NOT need an inspection to run tenant-authorized credit reports including, criminal and eviction reports instantly. This means that your tenant goes through an easy process all done online to verify information and complete a free rental application.

Not only can you charge the tenant screening reports directly to the applicant, so you don’t even have to collect an application fee but it in many ways it is much easier all around.


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Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals


Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals


Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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