SparkRental Press in 2022

We don’t mean to brag… actually yes we do. Here’s a sampling of SparkRental’s media appearances in 2022!

Where Our Cofounders Served as Real Estate Experts:

How to protect yourself | 5 Common Reasons Why New Homeowners Call a Handyman

Protect yourself at all cost, our Deni Supplee advised. There are situations were all things have been checked and seems nice and smooth but after buying and living there, a major problem occurs!

side hustle

USNews: Real Estate | Should You Renovate Your Apartment?

There are certain rules when making reversible and irreversible alterations to avoid risks of withholding some or all of the security deposit in an effort to restore it – Our Brian expound.

Naturally, Inflation-Protected Securities Were Red Hot

Yahoo Finance | Top Investing Trends of 2022

This winter inflation caught many investments on fire. However, our Brian Davis shares a sexy investing fund that has unmatched hedge against high prices. 

Repairing a Foundation Issue

GOBankingRates | Home Renovations Worth Paying Someone Else To Do

A crucial part of the house should to be done with specialized knowledge about it. Otherwise,  the entire house might crumble down or exponential damage may occur! Our Davis heed our thoughts.

Show more income

USHomeOwnersGroup | Need a bigger mortgage? These 8 strategies can help

Our Deni give an example on how she refinance with the help of a love one to show more income.

Potential home buyers are wary

ListwithClever | Many Are Pessimistic About Homeownership, But Others Take Alternative Paths

Potential home buyers are becoming wary and our Deni is not exempted to experience this unlikely behavior! Two purchasers have backed out and their reasons are revealed in this interesting article. 

ADU in spirit, if not in fact | Are Luxury ADUs the House Hack This Tight Economy Needs?

Multigenerational living will slip through to  any marketing restrictions. That is what our beloved Deni Supplee had witnessed in her market area and it is not surprising if other suburbs does that too!

How Much Does Errors and Omissions Insurance Cost?

REthority | Errors and Omissions Insurance: Your Complete Guide

E and O isn’t always the best the of insurance for everyone.  Our Deni Supplee discuss the price difference depending on your profession.

ADU in spirit, if not in fact

SuperMoney | 13 Programs for First-Time Home Buyers

There is a home loan program that offer down payments as low as 3.5% which our Deni highly recommend and a great place to start for first-time homebuyers. 

Red flag No. 1: Too much scent | What to Look for When Buying a House: 10 Major Red Flags

What is that smell?! Our Deni wants us to use one of our five senses when buying a house. Sniff inside and outside the house to check what’s disgusting and aromatic. The rationale is in this article.

Naturally, Inflation-Protected Securities Were Red Hot

WTOPNews | Creative Seating Ideas for Small Kitchens

Deni shares one of the best seating ideas she ever could have imagined: A creative seat that provides dual purpose that made the kitchen inviting and look warm. Check it out!

Should you buy a fire-damaged home? | Selling a House With Fire Damage? How to Do It and Not Get Burned

There’s more to this than meets the eye! Our Deni suggests to hire a certain inspector that has keen eye on damages, and other hidden destructions. 

Adjust Your Target Based on Three Important Variables

Yahoo! Finance | How Much Emergency Cash Should You Have in Case You Lose Your Job?

Our Brian emphasize that there is no one-size-fits-all standard. It depends on the status of every individual. Self-employed, buraeucrat, and all others have different emergency need.


Ozy’s the Drop | Punk Rock Finance: 8 Ideas to Beat Inflation

Our Brian Davis exemplifies the magic behind the real estate syndication’s success against inflation.

What can you do to speed things up? | ‘Sale Pending’ Explained: How Long Can a House Be Pending?

Reality bites: You need help! Hire a professional real estate agent to make the job quicker and easier. Our Deni Supplee attests that a cunning agent can actually make or break a pending status.

For One Man, Retirement Meant Switching to Work he Loved

GOBankingRates | These People Retired in Their 40s — Here’s How They Did It

The best part of our Brian’s life is when he ditched his day job and start living frugally in Brazil together with her loving wife and daughter. Feel the vibrant of his amazing financial journey! 

Write up a strict budget and cut unnecessary expenses

Ownerly | Saving for a down payment on a home in times of inflation

A strict moratorium to all non-essential expenses until you reach your down payment goal is what our Brian has shared.  One of the best ways to save money is also revealed!

How to find out your home’s setbacks

Ron Lee Homes | Property Setback an Important Building Restriction a Homeowner Should Know

There’s a time our Deni had a pending approval that ended up without a sale due to a property setback. This is a friendly reminder to do your due diligence to find out your home’s setbacks .

Not bothering to check your credit score | 8 Things Nearly All First-Time Renters Get Wrong

Renters who doesn’t bother checking their applicants creditworthiness is bothering our Deni Supplee. Check out the tips our Deni contributes on running credit report for free!

side hustle

Yahoo! News | How a Side Hustle Can Help You Achieve Financial Security and Reach Your Money Goals

Brian Davis tell a story on how his side hustle became a survival kit for his business’ vital needs.

Social Security doesn't buy as much

WTOP News | Should You Hire a Property Manager?

Deni Supplee elaborates the value of property managers can add to your rentals and even to an entire community! However, they have limitations too. 

Social Security doesn't buy as much

Cheapism | This Is Why So Many People Feel Like They’ll Never Get to Retire

Our Brian recollects the declining buying power of the American’s Social Security benefits.

Combining Bedrooms To Create a Bigger Room

Review Journal | Learn which home renovations will actually hurt your home’s value

There are few tricks to make the room looks bigger and combining small rooms can make an impact, our Brian has shared.

Some tech entrepreneurs are opting out of the Silicon Valley system

SlashGear | Inside The End Of Silicon Valley’s Dynasty

Shout out to our Brian Davis for sharing an amazing story on how he pumped back his business for up to  60% by launching his business on the road and by living frugally!

Boost your revenue rather than your lifestyle:

News Room Post | How to Become Wealthy While Working a Regular job

We tend to spend more when we earn more.  Brian Davis explains why many great players are poor.

Common Real Estate Myths That You Need To Know

GOBankingRates | Common Real Estate Myths That You Need To Know

Our beloved Deni debunk the 20% downpayment plus closing cost when buying properties. So untrue!

house for sale

GOBankingRates | Why the Holidays Are a Good Time To Buy a House

Do you know when can you get a discount on buying your dream house? During the holidays, sellers are more motivated and open for negotiation! Our beloved Deni Supplee advised.

Pro: It's a Potential Income Generator

Cheapism | Should You Convert Your Garage Into a Living Space?

Who would’ve think of converting garages into income generating units? Our Brian does!

financial discussion

GOBankingRates | Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Cash Under the Mattress

We don’t normally talk about money but is it not a good topic? Brian Davis encourages us to be more open-minded about financial habits but obviously not divulging into personal financial information.

damage vs wear and tear | Beyond the Security Deposit: When Can Your Landlord Sue You for Property Damage?

Brian Davis draws the line between “damage” and “wear and tear” which isn’t difficult to understand.

Something’s broken, and needs to be repaired or replaced

GoBankingRates | 25 Tricks To Sell Your House for a Bigger Profit

The small things that adds a lot of charm is the center topic of our Brian Davis.

Something’s broken, and needs to be repaired or replaced | 5 Times Landlords Are Willing To Renovate Your Apartment—and Even Pay for It

When something in the unit is broken, you have to propose a permanent solution or an upgrade. That is an expert advice coming from our Brian to keep you, the landlord, and the investors happy!

unsecured and secured credit

USNews: Money | What Is Revolving Credit and How Can It Ruin Your Credit Score?

On this article, Brian shares an example of unsecured and secured revolving credits. It’s pretty simple.

Financial Independence

GoBankingRates | 7 Levels of Financial Freedom: How To Work Your Way Up, According to Experts

Brian Davis reveals the golden ratio of financial independence: when you can quit your job and retire if you want. It’s every adult’s dream! 

Know What You Need (and Want)

NextAdvisor | The Best House Hunting Advice You’ll Ever Get, According to the Experts

Our Deni advises to make a list and check it twice. Sounds familiar? Oh yes! That’s the best starting point and keeps the search focused! See for yourself in this article.

Eviction Notice

USNews: Money | Can You Pay Your Rent or Mortgage With a Credit Card?

Lo and behold! SparkRental is included on the list of 3rd party tools and services that allows you to pay your landlord using a credit card.
Eviction Notice | ‘Should I Evict My Tenant?’ When It Makes Sense for Landlords

Aside from non-payment of rent,  other reasons to evict was brought down to the table by our Brian.


Kiplinger | The 27 Best Smart Home Devices

Let there be lighting! Our Brian shared his landlord tech devices that sets the mood in each room.

sad renter | 8 Renter Hopes and Dreams That Are Completely Delusional Today

Inspite of the happy and merry season, renters shouldn’t expect stellar offers.  It’s not about being bad or good but the present market can’t afford lease incentives, Brian Davis explains.

Monthly Budget

GoBankingRates | Housing Market: Should You Buy a Fixer-Upper or a Turnkey Home?

Our Brian discussed one of the cons of buying fixer upper; navigating back and forth through treacherous waves of paperworks and dealing with the officers.

Monthly Budget

GO Banking Rates | How To Manage Your Money if You Have Unpredictable Income, According to Experts

Emergency funds is the highlight of our Brian Davis:. the depth of uncertainty correlates the reserves.

 Try hosting or house hacking | 10 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Save Money While Renting

In this article, our Deni discussed the untapped potentials to earn more cash from your rentals, garage or even your very own basement!


The Guardian | Nomad Families Who Work Full Time

Our Brian Davis shares his amazing travel experiences with his family while working remotely.


Deborah Ann Spencer | 26 Successful Real Estate Agents Reveal the Road to Success

Networking gets a bad rap, but our Deni Supplee highlights the success it brings.

happy investor

Marketing Materials | 40 Financial Experts Reveal If Investing In Real Estate Is Worth It

Loud and proud – Our Deni Supplee shout out her enthusiasm about real estate investing!

home owner

Insider | 3 Ways Rising Property Values Are Actually Bad for Homeowners

Skyrocketing real estate appreciation isn’t all rainbows and butterflies for homeowners. Our Brian Davis explains the double-edged sword of rising home prices for existing homeowners.

More Than Half of Gen Z Invests: Here’s What They Sink Their Money Into

NextAdvisor | If You Want to Retire Early But Don’t Want to Scrimp, ‘Fat FIRE’ Might Be for You

Brian shared his realizations and setting his financial goals higher since “lean lifestyle” isn’t enough for everyone.

More Than Half of Gen Z Invests: Here’s What They Sink Their Money Into

WTOP News | Should You Renovate Your Apartment?

Reversible and irreversible alterations, and what renters need to know about making changes to their rental homes, courtesy of our own Brian Davis.

More Than Half of Gen Z Invests: Here’s What They Sink Their Money Into

GOBankingRates | 40 Things To Do To Retire by 40

Brian explains why the standard 4% rule is old school and how you can do better and retire by 40!

Gen Z

NASDAQ | More Than Half of Gen Z Invests: Here’s What They Sink Their Money Into

Gen Z was old enough to be impacted by the volatility of digital currency but too young to experience the real estate market crash in 2008. Our Brian Davis explains why Gen Z loves real estate.

USNews: Real Estate | What Is Dual Agency?

Our Deni give a glimpse of the basics of dual agency and a reminder that it differs from each states. 

incrate | 15 Real Estate Side Hustle Ideas Beyond Airbnb

Flipping parcel land seems to be complicated but our Brian simply explains that in a breeze! | What Is a Writ of Possession? A Guide for Tenants Facing Eviction

Our Deni discussed the general rule once a writ of possession is served and the cons of filing an appeal. | What Does ‘Days on Market’ Mean? How Buyers Can Take Advantage

High ‘Days on Market’ does not always mean there is something wrong with the house. Our Brian Davis shares the most possible reasons and a way that will benefit both the buyer and the seller! | Earnest Money Deposit vs. Down Payment: What’s the Difference?

The earnest money is the center of the topic of our Brian Davis – who held the earnest money,  and when will it be significant to the buyer. | Earnest Money Deposit: How Home Sellers Can Keep It Fair and Square

Our Brian advised us to consider cashing the earnest money deposit instead of the conventional way.

GOBankingRates | The Best Time of Year To Buy a House

The best season to buy a house is when most people are ‘hibernating,’ our Brian has concluded.

GOBankingRates | 20 Home Renovations That Will Hurt Your Home’s Value

Creating a bigger room by combining two small rooms is a good idea for one but a bad move for another, our Brian has shared.

GoBankingRates | Top 10 Things Every College Grad Should Know About Money

The gap between what you spend and what you earn is the wealth that comes from your savings rate, our Brian has shared.

GoBankingRates | 18 Home Improvements You Should Never DIY

Fixing this important part of the house requires intricit knowledge. Brian had pointed out,  it may lead to exponential worse structural damage.

Daily Hive | All the negotiation tips you need to get the best deal on a rental

Landlords want the highest possible rents for their units. Our Brian Davis added, it was not the only thing the landlords want. There are more!

US News | How to Refinance a Rental Property 

Our Brian Davis imposes an increased risk when refinancing a rental property.

Bankrate | Poll: Lending money goes wrong nearly half the time

Keeping Brian’s friend’s business afloat is a bitter lending experience he shared.

Go Banking Rate | How To Compound Your Income in 2022

Compounding through many ways of passive stream of income is what our Brian shared.

ThinkRealty | 10 Things You Can Outsource for Your Property as an Investor

investors have an eye on SparkRental’s tenant screening and onboarding. No wonder!

GO Banking Rate | How To Invest In Real Estate Without Owning Property

Our Brian explained, in simple terms,  the passively investing through partnership and co-investing.

Incfile | How Can Gen Z Be Proactive About Financial Planning?

Snowballing and compounding are some of the advantages that our Brian brings to the Gen Z.

Real Homes | Tarek El Moussa reveals the one thing not to forget when renovating a kitchen

This one particular kitchen appliance makes life easier, but it is just a bonus! Our Brian expressed. | How To Negotiate a Real Estate Agent Commission

A real estate agent who agrees to a lower commission and an agent who can broke the best price and terms is what our Deni Supplee have differentiated. | When Can a Seller Back Out of a Home Sale? The 5 Times They May Bail

Our Deni Supplee shared the 5-day rule which is in the laws governing real estate transactions.

GO Banking Rates | Housing Market: Buying the Fixer-Upper vs. Less Work at a Higher Price

One of the cons of buying a fixer-upper is the effort of navigating a treacherous waves of inks and papers, our Brian Davis concur.

GO Banking Rates | How To Save for a Down Payment While Fighting Inflation

Our Brian Davis shared an already crowded ever-growing pool of real estate crowdfunding sites with an impressive 5.5% dividend! | Landlord vs. Renter: Who Is Responsible for Pest Problems?

The behavior and cleanliness of the tenants are what our Brian Davis point out to watch out for.

GO Banking Rates | How To Get Rich With a Normal Job

Our Brian Davis explains the phenomenon called lifestyle creep, and how to avoid it.

GO Banking Rates | The Pros and Cons of Renting vs. Owning in Retirement

Renting flexibility, building equity, and more, explained by our Brian Davis in this article.

GO Banking Rates | 5 Simple Ways To Save $20 a Week

Our Brian Davis highlights that proper food management can save up to $100 per week!

AZ Big Media | 12 Considerations for First-Time Homebuyers

Deni advises you set aside a certain amount of money for repairs and maintenance before you exhaust all of your savings to purchase a home.

Bob Vila | 20 Things Real Estate Agents Would Never Want in Their Own Homes

The not-so-trendy wallpaper and other decorating ideas our Deni recommends you avoid.


Why choosing Philadelphia?

Landlordtips | What Neighborhoods in Philadelphia are Best for Rental Property Investment

Our Deni gives three reasons to believe that Philidelphia is a city of REI dream for college graduates and enthusiasts of recreational activities, parades,  musicals, and other entertainments.


GO Banking Rates | How To Stay Rich Once You Get There, According to Experts

Our Brian Davis shared the phenomenon of spending more when income rises.


The Accidental Landlord | Rental Property Basics with Brian Davis

Dive into the basics of owning a rental property with our Brian Davis!


Nerd Wallet | What Kind of Business Should I Start?

Our Brian Davis shared that your passion, natural talent, and expertise are the keys to the business you should start.


Reader’s Digest | 20 Hilariously Awkward Moments Realtors Have Had During House Showings

Be careful on the steps while showing the house is what our Deni shared that mortified her.


GO Banking Rates | These People Retired in Their 40s — Here’s How They Did It

Our Brian Davis explains the big difference of working a day job until the age of 65 and working in your passive income then supplement it to the work you love.


Real Simple | Carpeting Can Actually Add Value to Your Home—Here’s How

Making the floor more attractive by knowing the client’s needs is what our Deni Supplee has shared.


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Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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