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We’re here! We’re there! We’re every-f#*%ing-where!

Move over, Roy Kent. Our Deni Supplee and G. Brian Davis are all over the freakin’ place, serving as regular guest real estate and financial experts for:

SparkRental Media & Press

Just a Few of Our Guest Podcast Appearances:

Joe Fairless SparkRental

Best Ever Show with Joe Fairless

Who in the real estate industry hasn’t dreamed of appearing on the Best Ever Show?

Joe and Brian had a great conversation about rental investing, automation, and building passive income while traveling the world.

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate Podcast SparkRental

The Millionaire Mindcast

“Matty A” chats Brian up about designing your ideal life, moving overseas, and creating a real estate investing club for everyone.

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate Podcast SparkRental

The Life & Money Show

Brian has a phenomenal conversation with Annie Dickerson about simplifying your real estate investments, house hacking, and lifestyle design.

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate Podcast SparkRental

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate Show

Sam Wilson interviews Brian about scaling your rental portfolio and life as an expat real estate investor.

Smart Real Estate Coach podcast guest Brian Davis

Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast with Chris Prefontaine

From all the expensive mistakes Brian’s made to how he invests passively in real estate today and beyond, host Chris Prefontaine & Brian have a great conversation.

Brian Davis on Best Ever Show

The Accidental Landlord Podcast with Peter McKenzie

Peter from The Accidental Landlord podcast brings Brian on chat about the fundamentals of rental property investing and property management.

Wealth Without Wall Street SparkRental podcast appearance

Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast

Brian joins Joey and Russ from Wealth Without Wall Street to talk “5 Mistakes New Landlords Make and How to Avoid Them.”

Brian Davis podcast appearance - Living Off Rentals

Living Off Rentals with Kirby Atwell

Kirby Atwell and our Brian Davis talk about passive and active real estate investing, reducing the barrier to entry with real estate investing, and how to invest in a high-interest environment.

Brian Davis on Best Ever Show

REtipster Podcast with Seth Williams

A well known — and loved — face in the industry, Seth Williams has been a great friend to SparkRental over the years. 

Financially Alert Brian Davis podcast appearance

Financially Alert with Michael Quan

Michael Quan interviews Brian about intentional living, personal finance hacks, and investing in real estate.

financially independent millennial podcast brian davis

Rick Orford: The Financially Independent Millennial

Rick Orford, AKA The Financially Independent Millennial, host Brian and Deni to talk real estate syndications and passive investing.

Brian Davis on Best Ever Show

Landlording for Life Podcast

Sean Morissey and Brian chat landlord automation systems and how to make landlording more passive.

Our Charming & Witty Founders

Brian and Millie

G. Brian Davis

Real estate investor, financial writer, globetrotting expat, self-aggrandizing cook — Brian preaches lifestyle design and intentional living, and practices it himself. 

He’s lived in five countries, and spends 10 months of the year overseas with his wife Katie and daughter Millie. When he’s not on a podcast teaching people how to create passive income from real estate or writing as a guest expert for Inman or REtipster, he’s hiking in Patagonia or wine tasting in Mendoza or surfing in Lima.

Deni and her grandkids

Deni Supplee

We could tell you all about how Deni’s been a property manager for nearly 40 years. Or how she’s a licensed real estate agent, landlord, and land investor, and has owned vacation rentals and mixed-use commercial buildings over her career.

But mostly, Deni just wants to tell you about her kids and grandkids. The more passive income she earns from real estate, the more time she gets to spend with them. 

The Written Press Loves Us Too!

Here’s a small sampling of where we’ve been featured as guest experts recently. Want to see more of the hundreds of places we’ve been featured as real estate and personal finance experts? Check out our Press page

side hustle

U.S. News and World Report Real Estate | Should You Renovate Your Apartment?

There are certain rules when making reversible and irreversible alterations to avoid risks of withholding some or all of the security deposit in an effort to restore it – Our Brian expound.

ADU in spirit, if not in fact | Are Luxury ADUs the House Hack This Tight Economy Needs?

Multigenerational living will slip through to  any marketing restrictions. That is what our beloved Deni Supplee had witnessed in her market area and it is not surprising if other suburbs does that too!

Repairing a Foundation Issue

GOBankingRates | Home Renovations Worth Paying Someone Else To Do

A crucial part of the house should to be done with specialized knowledge about it. Otherwise,  the entire house might crumble down or exponential damage may occur! Our Davis heed our thoughts.

ADU in spirit, if not in fact

SuperMoney | 13 Programs for First-Time Home Buyers

There is a home loan program that offer down payments as low as 3.5% which our Deni highly recommend and a great place to start for first-time homebuyers. 

Write up a strict budget and cut unnecessary expenses

Ownerly | Saving for a Down Payment on a Home in Times of Inflation

A strict moratorium to all non-essential expenses until you reach your down payment goal is what our Brian has shared.  One of the best ways to save money is also revealed!

Not bothering to check your credit score | 8 Things Nearly All First-Time Renters Get Wrong

Renters who doesn’t bother checking their applicants creditworthiness is bothering our Deni Supplee. Check out the tips our Deni contributes on running credit report for free!

side hustle

Yahoo! News | How a Side Hustle Can Help You Achieve Financial Security and Reach Your Money Goals

Brian Davis tell a story on how his side hustle became a survival kit for his business’ vital needs.

Social Security doesn't buy as much

WTOP News | Should You Hire a Property Manager?

Deni Supplee elaborates the value of property managers can add to your rentals and even to an entire community! However, they have limitations too. 

Social Security doesn't buy as much

Cheapism | This Is Why So Many People Feel Like They’ll Never Get to Retire

Our Brian recollects the declining buying power of the American’s Social Security benefits.

Combining Bedrooms To Create a Bigger Room

Review Journal | Learn which home renovations will actually hurt your home’s value

There are few tricks to make the room looks bigger and combining small rooms can make an impact, our Brian has shared.

Boost your revenue rather than your lifestyle:

News Room Post | How to Become Wealthy While Working a Regular Job

We tend to spend more when we earn more.  Brian Davis explains why many great players are poor.


Kiplinger | The 27 Best Smart Home Devices

Let there be lighting! Our Brian shared his landlord tech devices that sets the mood in each room.

Pro: It's a Potential Income Generator

Cheapism | Should You Convert Your Garage Into a Living Space?

Who would’ve think of converting garages into income generating units? Our Brian does!


The Guardian | Nomad Families Who Work Full Time

Our Brian Davis shares his amazing travel experiences with his family while working remotely.

More Than Half of Gen Z Invests: Here’s What They Sink Their Money Into

TIME Magazine NextAdvisor | If You Want to Retire Early But Don’t Want to Scrimp, ‘Fat FIRE’ Might Be for You

Brian shared his realizations and setting his financial goals higher since “lean lifestyle” isn’t enough for everyone.

Something’s broken, and needs to be repaired or replaced | 5 Times Landlords Are Willing To Renovate Your Apartment—and Even Pay for It

When something in the unit is broken, you have to propose a permanent solution or an upgrade. That is an expert advice coming from our Brian to keep you, the landlord, and the investors happy!

home owner

Insider | 3 Ways Rising Property Values Are Actually Bad for Homeowners

Skyrocketing real estate appreciation isn’t all rainbows and butterflies for homeowners. Our Brian Davis explains the double-edged sword of rising home prices for existing homeowners.

Gen Z

NASDAQ | More Than Half of Gen Z Invests: Here’s What They Sink Their Money Into

Gen Z was old enough to be impacted by the volatility of digital currency but too young to experience the real estate market crash in 2008. Our Brian Davis explains why Gen Z loves real estate.

NerdWallet | What Kind of Business Should I Start?

Our Brian Davis shared that your passion, natural talent, and expertise are the keys to the business you should start.


Monthly Budget

GO Banking Rates | How To Manage Your Money if You Have Unpredictable Income, According to Experts

Emergency funds is the highlight of our Brian Davis:. the depth of uncertainty correlates the reserves.

happy investor

Marketing Materials | 40 Financial Experts Reveal If Investing In Real Estate Is Worth It

Loud and proud – Our Deni Supplee shout out her enthusiasm about real estate investing!

U.S. News: Real Estate | What Is Dual Agency?

Our Deni elaborates the out of the norms dual agency in Real Estate.

incrate | 15 Real Estate Side Hustle Ideas Beyond Airbnb

Flipping parcel land seems to be complicated but our Brian simply explains that in a breeze!

Reader’s Digest | 20 Hilariously Awkward Moments Realtors Have Had During House Showings

Be careful on the steps while showing the house is what our Deni shared that mortified her. | Earnest Money Deposit vs. Down Payment: What’s the Difference?

The earnest money is the center of the topic of our Brian Davis – who held the earnest money,  and when will it be significant to the buyer.

Daily Hive | All the negotiation tips you need to get the best deal on a rental

Landlords want the highest possible rents for their units. Our Brian Davis added, it was not the only thing the landlords want. There are more!

U.S. News | How to Refinance a Rental Property 

Our Brian Davis imposes an increased risk when refinancing a rental property.

Bankrate | Poll: Lending money goes wrong nearly half the time

Keeping Brian’s friend’s business afloat is a bitter lending experience he shared.

ThinkRealty | 10 Things You Can Outsource for Your Property as an Investor

investors have an eye on SparkRental’s tenant screening and onboarding. No wonder!

Incfile | How Can Gen Z Be Proactive About Financial Planning?

Snowballing and compounding are some of the advantages that our Brian brings to the Gen Z.

Real Homes | Tarek El Moussa reveals the one thing not to forget when renovating a kitchen

This one particular kitchen appliance makes life easier, but it is just a bonus! Our Brian expressed.

AZ Big Media | 12 Considerations for First-Time Homebuyers

Deni advises you set aside a certain amount of money for repairs and maintenance before you exhaust all of your savings to purchase a home.

REthority | Errors and Omissions Insurance: Your Complete Guide

Our Deni Supplee warned that some types of coverage is not the best for you and pay attention to the prints.


Bob Vila | 20 Things Real Estate Agents Would Never Want in Their Own Homes

The not-so-trendy wallpaper and other decorating ideas our Deni recommends you avoid.


Real Simple | Carpeting Can Actually Add Value to Your Home—Here’s How

Making the floor more attractive by knowing the client’s needs is what our Deni Supplee has shared.


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Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals


Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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