Welcome to Property Management Pro, the landlord’s system for double returns at half the hours.

Can I Really Double My Returns? What’s This System About?

Brian & Denise have over 50 years combined property management experience. We have lived and breathed property management for decades.

Here’s the thing though: you don’t need decades of experience in property management to maximize your returns and minimize your landlording labor. You don’t need a Ph.D. in property management.

What you do need? A system for managing your properties.

Chances are you have a full-time job unrelated to buying and managing real estate. Or maybe you’re a full-time parent, with your hands full with the demands of raising children.

You probably don’t have time to master every detail of becoming a property management expert.

Our system tells you exactly what to do when, and of course we tell you why. The system revolves around cutting defaults and turnovers to the bare bone, because that’s where landlords lose so much time and money.

Specifically, we show you how to automate, delegate, and eliminate the labor and losses that so many landlords experience.

I (Denise) am a Realtor, property manager, and landlord, who has managed a 200+ unit apartment complex.

I (Brian) am a landlord and real estate writer with regular columns on BiggerPockets and RETipster, in addition to our (all-around awesome!) blog here at SparkRental.

We’re not going to give you a Ph.D. in property management. Instead, let us show you a simple system to automate, delegate, and eliminate the worst parts of being a landlord, to maximize your profits and minimize your work.


What’s included in Property Management Pro?

Property Management Pro includes instant access to:

  9 All-Killer-No-Filler, Step-By-Step Modules

  Bonus: Rental Investing Kit (state-specific lease package, e-signable rental application, no-inspection tenant screening service)

  Beyond a Bonus: A Live Strategy Session with Brian & Denise

  Access to an Engaged and Interactive Community of Landlords & Property Managers


As soon as you enroll, you will get immediate access (via user name and password) to Property Management Pro and all bonuses.

  Lifetime access and login 24/7 (it is all digital + downloadable so you can login to access the content & download the course and take it with you on the go)

  Content is available in video and slides (PDF)

  30 day 100% money back guarantee

Here is what you will learn inside Property Management Pro (step-by-freakin’-step):

Module 1

From Vacancy: Setting the Stage for Higher Returns

► Marketing tips, tricks & hacks

► Boosting curb appeal

► Tenant-proofing tips

► Hook amenities to attract more (and better) renters

Module 2

Cash Cow Renters: Long-Term, Low-Maintenance Tenants for High ROI

► Advertising for the right audience

► An easy rental listing formula

► Tenant screening tactics

► How to profitably handle pets

Module 3

Legal Protection: Building a Legal Shield

► Moving liability from you to your renters

► Security deposits and minimizing the “normal wear and tear” exception

► Handling inspections, repairs, and maintenance

► Insurance protection overview

Module 4

Automating Rent Collection

► Why eliminating evictions & rent defaults is so critical

► The problems with accepting checks and cash

► Rent automation options and their pros and cons

► Alternative payment options

Module 5

The Good Books: Tracking Income & Expenses

► Why good records matter & the most important data

► Getting organized

► Supporting tech to help you automate

► Supporting actors: bookkeepers and accountants

Module 6

ROI Central: Trimming Turnovers & Raising Rents

► Why turnovers are ROI-killers

► Reframing the landlord-tenant relationship to keep renters forever

► How to raise rents without losing a single tenant

► When turnovers do happen, how to cut them to 24 hours

Module 7

Troublesome Tenants: Prevention, Enforcement, Eviction

► Preventing rent defaults and tenant damage through screening

► Prevention through enforcement 1: regular inspections

► Prevention through enforcement 2: defending boundaries and setting expectations

► Eviction: what landlords need to know before their tenants break the lease

Module 8

The Wrench Connection: The Landlord’s Guide to Contractors

► What kinds of contractors and handymen you need

► Finding and screening contractors at each price point

► Hiring and negotiating with contractors

► Managing contractors during the job

Module 9

Under Improvement: Planned Upgrades, Unplanned Repairs & Targeting Better Tenants

► Moving repairs from unplanned emergencies to scheduled maintenance

► Understanding and budgeting for CapEx

► Setting tenant obligations

► Using planned repairs to boost ROI

► Recurring themes and tying it all together

Bonuses & Extra Resources

State-Specific Lease Agreement:

► For our U.S. students, we include access to unique lease agreements for all 50 states.

► Includes state-specific disclosures and addenda

► Landlord-protective, customizable Word files

E-Signable Rental Application:

► Comprehensive two-page PDF application

► Emailable both ways – can be typed into by applicants

► E-signable for instant, paperless return to you

Full Access to Tenant Screening Reports:

► Full credit report with FICO score

► Nationwide criminal background check

► Nationwide eviction report

► Can be charged directly to the applicant – free for landlords

► No site inspection required

The Spark Rental Guide to Higher ROI:

In Snap Landlord, we repeatedly touch on ROI and best practices for improving it. Between Brian and Denise, we have a collective 45 years in the industry between us, so take our word for it: ROI is much more about protecting against common losses than trying to ratchet up rents.

Don’t worry, this is a quick read, but it’s packed with succinct, actionable tips to boost your returns at every phase of the tenancy cycle.

Beyond a Bonus: One-on-One Call

► When you purchase Snap Landlord, we will schedule a 15-minute phone call with you to discuss your goals, questions, and challenges.

► If you need further help at the end of our call, we’ll email you with additional details to point you in the right direction.

► This is why we’re only allowing course signups for a few days! For us, it’s personal.

Yes, we’re that committed to making sure you succeed!

Property Management Pro is the complete step-by-step system to automate, delegate, and eliminate the expensive and time-consuming parts of property management.

Who Is Property Management Pro For?

The Part-Time Landlord

We get it – you have a full-time job or full-time parenting responsibilities (maybe both!), and landlording is a side gig for you. You’re busy, and don’t want to spend your nights and weekends hassling with your rentals. And you want more money to show for your efforts!

We’ll show you how to automate and delegate property management best practices, and eliminate the expensive and time-consuming parts of property management.

The Aspiring Property Manager

Interested in a career in property management? Whether you’re a Realtor looking to expand into rental management, or opening your own property management service, we’ll show you a full system for automating, delegating, and eliminating the work and costs involved in managing rentals.

You don’t need a Ph.D. in property management, or 37 years in the industry like Denise has. What you need is a reliable, systematic approach so that you always stay three steps ahead in your property management!

How do I get started & how much does it cost?

How much is Property Management Pro? You could try to figure these property management tips, tricks and systems out on your own and spend thousands upon thousands (and spend a TON of time) or “hire a consultant” for $10,000+ or attend a fleeting seminar or buy some overpriced, underweight course by one of those “gurus” who always wear power ties. Or you can spare yourself all that hassle and follow a proven system for success.

Our pricing is simple and transparent: you can buy Property Management Pro for only $197/month for 4 months, or $697 as a one-time purchase.

And yes, you will get full access to the program right away with your first payment. All modules. All downloads. All bonuses. So you can Netflix binge your little heart out or take it slow. The choice is yours.


Try Now, Decide Later

Property Management Pro comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. We believe in this course, in this systematized approach to property management.

We believe in automating, delegating, and eliminating the time-consuming and expensive parts of owning and managing rental properties.

So we’re proud of this course, and we stand behind it.

Shocking, right?! 

If within 30 days, if you are unhappy for whatever reason just email us and you will receive a full refund. We put our money where our mouths are, and are 100% confident you’ll love this course as much as we do!

F.A.Q. & Fun Facts

Do I get access to everything all at once or do I have to wait?

Yes, you get access to everything right away. You can attack the course at any pace you want (I recommend staying in order, but it’s your call once you enroll)! Many people think we’re batty for offering a payment plan ($197/month for 4 months) and giving full access but we know how life-changing this material can be when you learn and implement it.

What exactly do I get with Property Management Pro?

Great question ? As soon as you purchase, you will get instant login access to the entire Property Management Pro course.

  • Lifetime, 24/7 access (it is all digital, you can log in from anywhere to access it!).
  • Content is available in video + slides.

You get instant access to:

  1. 9 Kick Butt Step-by-Step Modules (to attack at your own pace), outlined in detail above
  2. The full Rental Kit (also outlined in detail above)
  3. A two-on-one Strategy Session with Brian & Denise
  4. Access to a private Facebook group of other rental investors creating passive income
  5. Customer service from Brian & Denise (although we can’t give you direct real estate investing advice, or the Men in Black would show up at our doors with dark sunglasses and stern faces)
How do I know this system will work for me?
Ok, so you know we can’t promise exact results, right? All those lawyer-types would storm our homes with lawsuit paperwork in an instant.

But with that being said, this is a system anyone can use and see results from. We even include concrete Action Steps in each module. If you follow the Action Steps and take the course seriously, we are extremely confident that you will be off to a great start in creating passive income.

I have a question, who should I ask?
Well, us, of course! You can contact us using the button at the bottom of this page.
How long will it take me to go through the course?
You can Netflix-style binge on it all day, or spread it out over weeks or months! But there are 9 modules, and each is roughly 30 minutes. The bonus materials will help you work through the Action Steps even faster!
What if I don't like it for some reason? Is there a refund policy?
We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. Why? Because we believe that strongly in this course and its power to help you systematize your rental management!
Do I have to wait for anything over snail mail?
Heck no! What is this, 1993? It’s all digital, all immediate, you get everything right away.

It’s risk-free with our 30 Day Guarantee!

Don't Be Shy

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Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals


Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals


Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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