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How much can you collect as a security deposit in Massachusetts? What do I need to bring to an eviction hearing? How much can I charge as a late fee in California?


There are a lot of laws regulating landlords and property managers. It can be confusing, and who has an extra $1,000 sitting around to pay an attorney for a few simple answers?

Enter: Spark Rental’s quick references for rental laws and landlord legal issues.

We have rental law summaries for different states, for common questions that landlords ask all the time. Details about late fees, security deposit limits, whether you need to give tenants notice before entering.

But not all questions are common. What do you do if your tenant’s cousin’s neighbor and her toddler move in with him and threatens to sue over another tenant’s dog waste giving her toddler parasitic worms? (Hopefully that’s never happened to you. Or anyone, really.)

Spark Rental is not a law firm, but we still want to give our users an easy, inexpensive way to get legal help and answers. So we partnered with an attorney network: just type your question into the box above, and a living, breathing attorney will answer your question. It’s free to ask, and if the answer is to your satisfaction, you can pay the attorney a small fee (usually around $35).

Have questions you think we should write articles about? Let us know! Use the Contact box below to let us know what you’d like to know more about, and we’ll do what we can to make it happen!

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