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Realty Today | Investment Property Marketplaces the Easy Way to Invest

All about Investment Property, from the groud up. The last step, but not least: our Tenant Screening Report

The Financially Independent Millennial | How to Improve Your Credit Score – The 29 Best Ways

Simply put ways to improve your credit scores. Try these tips to boost your credit starting today, including one from our own Brian Davis.

Legal Reader | Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Water Damage?

 How to handle water damage, in general? You can find that and a lot more in just a click, including one golden ticket to rental automation from Spark Rental.

Wealth Expose | Achieving Financial Independence Through Real Estate Investing – FIRE Strategy

Do you often dream of quitting your J.O.B. and becoming financially independent? Then you can follow the article where Brian shares his FIRE journey with some exclusive tips and strategies.

Landlording for Life Podcast | Best Practices in Automating Landlording Systems

At what point landlord should consider automating the process? Sean Morrissey hosts our very own Brian Davis on the Landlording for Life podcast to talk rental automation!

Forbes | Inflation Outpaces Fixed-Term Rates: Is Bitcoin The Solution?

That’s a good question and it’s been explained adequately. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said, “information is the key to the future and you have to be up to date.”

Outwit Trade | Tips For Selling Your Home: 24 RE Agents, Realtors & Home Sellers Comment

Killer tips from Deni for selling your home. You can find others too.

Wealthtender | Real Estate Blogs

Deni shares a bit of her real estate investing journey. Check out Wealthtender for highly-rated real estate and personal finance blogs!

Just Business | What Kind of Business Should I Start? 6 Steps to Your Best Answer

Brian shares a Japanese concept called ikigai. Do you know the meaning of it?

Dr Wealth | How To Invest In A Post-COVID-19 World – 45 Financial Experts Weigh In

Brian is not Dr. Strange but his experience along with other financial experts is more valuable than Strange. Just sayin’.

Best Company | Buying a Foreclosed Home—The Complete Guide

Is it safe to buy a foreclosed home? Brian shares his real-life experience.

Apartment Therapy | 5 Things Worth the Extra Money for Your Laundry Area, According to Experts

Where should you locate your laundry room? Deni suggests, “It’s close to the bedrooms in the home.”

Cheapism | This is why so many people feel like they’ll never get to retire

Brian talks about the true fact of buying power of Social Security beneficiaries and the Gig economy.

Apartment Therapy | 4 Things You Should Never Do If You Live in a Loft

Safety First! Find what Deni recommends and how to avoid some of the common mistakes of loft life.

Fit Small Business | How to Buy Multiple Rental Properties

Always do your own research before buying a property. Brian suggests portfolio lenders like Visio and LendingOne, private lenders as a powerful ally to any real estate investor.

Fairfax Times | Seven best things about buying a house in the Fall

Brian points out you’ll always find some motivated sellers in the Fall. It might be the best season to find the perfect property.

PropStream | The Impact of COVID-19 on Multi-Family Investing: 7 Powerful Tips

During these unprecedented times, some practical advices from experts can be helpful for you. Learn more what Deni and other experts said.

Inman | Why investors make the best clients — and how to land them

If you’re an agent then this one is for you.

Chime | 5 Ways to Negotiate a Better Deal on Rent

Who doesn’t want a better deal while negotiating on a rent? Brian shares a small trick to get cheaper rent.

Agent Advice | Should Real Estate Agents Invest in PR

Deni talks about the importance of PR in this internet era. Your name can be a brand in real estate.

Outwit Trade | How Accurate Is Zillow? RE Agents Comment

When you’re running a business, it’s important to make the right decision at the right time. Deni gives OutwitTrade an honest review of Zillow.

Home Light | Should You Sell Your Rental Property, or Keep Holding On?

Maintaining a rental property isn’t a cup of tea. For your convenience, Brian suggests a free rental cash flow calculator.

Agent Advice | 6 Resources and Tips for your Military and Veteran Home Buyers

Are you a Veteran looking to buy a new home and you don’t have any experience? No worries. Take a look at this article where Deni gives her important suggestions for you.

Next Advisor | Should You Rent or Buy? Ask Yourself These Questions to Decide

There is a lot of space between owning a home and maintaining your homeownership. What should you do?

Rocket Mortgage | A Gender Gap You May Have Never Heard About: The Women’s Housing Investment Disparity

Are single women losing money on real estate investment? Brian shares an awesome tip while negotiating a great deal on a home.

Go Banking Rates | 28 Dumb Ways You Could Lose It All by Trying To Get Rich

Don’t get deceived by numbers. Learn what Brian says about his early investing days’ mistakes.

Apartment Therapy | 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move, According to Real Estate Pros

A few real estate experts including Brian tells how you can save money from moving companies and in some other ways.

Turnkey Blog | How Much Money Can You Make From a Vacation Rental?

Some vacation rentals earn much more than others. But why? Professionals like Deni can point you in the right direction. Curious to know? Take a look and learn what other experts also say.

The Penny Hoarder | Thinking About Renting Out Your Home? 14 Tips to Maximize Your Income

Have you ever thought about maximizing profit as a landlord? In this article, you will get some awesome tips from experienced real estate professionals. Deni and Brian also gave their suggestions.

Finance 101 | Beyond Credit Scores: How Lenders are Vetting Consumers in Creative New Ways

As a former loan officer, Brian shares his experiences which will help you to improve your credit score.

Outwit Trade | Tips & Advice For Real Estate Agents (By Actual RE Agents)

There are so many tips and advice from highly experienced real estate agents including Deni. Know about their strategies and tactics. It’ll worth your time.

Financial Independence Hub | 8 Creative Financing options for the New Normal

Small businesses have been hit hardest during the pandemic and making it harder for getting funds. Take a look at this article where Brian shares his creative idea for businesses looking for funds.

USA Today | You’ve Found a Home You Like. Now What?

Deni adds some tips about purchasing homes. It is not just all about looking and offering. There is much more.

Joe Fairless Best Ever Show | Improving Tenant Renewal Ideas With Brian Davis

Joe Fairless hosts Brian on his Best Ever Show real estate investing podcast on improving renter renewals. It’s a must hear!

InvestmentZen | 48 Financial Experts Reveal How Much Money They Need To Retire

Interesting read with info added by Brian on just how much money does one need to retire.

Best Life | 40 Surprising Signs There’s Something Wrong With Your House

What are some common problems that come up with a home? Find out in this article witih a contribution by Brian.

Legal Zoom | Tips and Tricks to Repair Your Personal Credit

There are little tricks to repeir your credit and Brian adds his own little trick in this informative article.

NAA | Rx for COVID-19’s Impact: Boost Retention

Brian adds the this infomative article on boosting renter retention during Covid-19.

HSH | Dreaming of Becoming a Snowbird Learn How to Buy a Second Home

Brian speaks to the folks at HSH about purchasing that second home or how to be a snowbird.


Moving is stressful at anytime, however moving during Covid-19 is even more challenging. Good information with great tips from Brian.

Motley Fool | 70+ Resources to Learn Real Estate Investing — And Do It Right

Read this article all about rental property investing.

Doorsteps | Noisy Neighbors? 3 Cheap, Easy Hacks to Soundproof Your Apartment

Noise is one of the major complaints from renters. Check out these tips on sound-proofing with some tips from Brian, himself.

RIS Media | COVID-19: A Looming Eviction Bubble for Rentals? Flexibility Is Key in Prevention

Covid-19 certainly has presented some challenges for the landlord, but there are ways to find a balance. Brian adds to this great read. | How to pay rent with a credit card

There are good reasons to pay rent with a credit card.

Cheapism | Why It’s Good to Be Retired During the Pandemic

Brian adds some of the upsides of being retired during the pandemic. | What Does ‘Days on Market’ Mean How Buyers Can Take Advantage

You would be surprised at how many Realtors are part-timers. And even working part-time, a Realtor may be a great one. Listen this information by various experts including Deni.

Bob Vila | 14 Things Real Estate Agents Would Never Want in Their Own Homes

Realtor look at houses day in and day out. Check out these items Realtor would not want in their own homes, one by Deni, herself.

NextAdvisor | The Best House Hunting Advice You’ll Ever Get, According to the Experts

House hunting is more than simply going out and looking. Deni contributes to this piece about house hunting.

Best Company | Reflective Entrepreneurs Share How Their Fathers Inspired Them in Business

Deni speaks of her own father’s influence in this inspiring article. | The Ugly Truth About Amazon’s Gorgeous $100K House

You would be surprised at how many Realtors are part-timers. And even working part-time, a Realtor may be a great one. Listen this information by various experts including Deni.

Motley Fool | Ways To Make Door Locks, Knobs, and Handles Safer

You would be surprised at how many Realtors are part-timers. And even working part-time, a Realtor may be a great one. Listen this information by various experts including Deni.

Huffpost | Your Guide To Moving During The Coronavirus Pandemic

You would be surprised at how many Realtors are part-timers. And even working part-time, a Realtor may be a great one. Listen this information by various experts including Deni.

CCN | More Money in 2020: Analysts Recommend 3 Simple Resolutions to Increase Net Worth in Uncertain Times

You would be surprised at how many Realtors are part-timers. And even working part-time, a Realtor may be a great one. Listen this information by various experts including Deni.

Motley Fool | Rental Property Investing Basics

It is important to know the basics. Great article with a contribution by Brian.

Fit Small Business | Part-time Real Estate Agent ― Can It Work

Great read about part-timer Realtors. Deni offers one solution to look for.

Click. Offer. Sold. | Do Banks Finance As-Is Homes

Financing a home in as-is condition may be challenging. Great read on ways to accomplish it including a discussion with Deni regarding FHA Loans.

Motley Fool | Bike Storage Strategies for Landlords

Brian adds a tip on how to create a savvy bike storage space.

Apartment Therapy | The 5 Components That Make Up The Platonic Ideal of a Kitchen

Selling or renting a home? The kitchen plays a large part on appeal. Deni speaks with the authors at Apartment Therapy and shares her take on this.

Go Banking Rates | 17 Surprising Things About Buying a Home During the Pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has led to some unique advantages for first-time homebuyers. Brian Davis adds a tip of his own to this informative article by GOBankingRates.

Carol Roth | How Small Businesses Have Been Personally Affected by COVID-19

The Covid pandemic has affected many businesses. Brian discusses this with Carol Roth.

Lend Genius | 22 Inspiring Business Quotes from Real, Successful Entrepreneurs

Running a business requires fortitude. And nothing like having inspiration from successful entreprenaurs to keep you going. Brian offers an inspiring quote as well.

Landlord Tips | What Neighborhoods in Philadelphia are Best for Rental Property Investment

Deni shares a bit about Philadelphia, a place where she grew up, worked and now sells real estate.

Trulia | Eight Warning Signs of a Bad Landlord

Not all landlords are bad, and some are not so good. Deni adds to this story that provides some tell-tale signs of a potential bad landlord..

Ownerly | Common Repairs Needed After a Home Inspection

Deni adds to this article all about home inspection repairs. | How to Find Out if Someone Died in Your House

Let’s face it, people pass away in homes every day. But if you need, there are ways to find out. Deni provides pointers on how to get this information.

Inman | ‘Being tardy’ and 6 other ways real estate agents annoy clients

In an age where clients have technology to help them find a home, it is important to discern finding a good match of a Realtor. Deni provides some information on this to Inman.

Apartment Therapy | More Single Women Are Buying Homes Than Ever Before—We Talked to 4 of Them

Deni speaks to the folks at Apartment Therapy and reminisces about a time when there were very few single women home purchasers compared to today.

REthority | Real Estate Continuing Education: Your Complete Guide

Getting a real estate license is not a one and done. Deni explains how important it is to keep up with the trends and changes when choosing to be licensed in the sales and management of real estate.

Trulia | 6 Things Home Sellers Are Legally Required To Disclose

Sellers Dsiclosures can be a slippery slope for home sellers. For that reason this article points out 6 important items to disclose with input from Deni.

Roofstock | Experts Share 6 Tips to Help Maximize Rental Property Income

Deni talks to Roofstock speaking of the importance of finding the right tenant in order to maximize your bottom line .

Cafemom | Money Managing Experts Dish 19 Tips on How To Save After an Expensive Holiday

Too often, we all let the holidays drain us financially. Deni provides a savings tip in this great blog read.

Forbes | 7 Ways To Use Age To Your Advantage When Starting A Business

Age does have it’s advantages. Deni shares how flexibility is now an option for her. | What Is a Writ of Possession? A Guide for Tenants Facing Eviction

Great information on exactly what a Writ of Possession is. A must read for every landlord. | Can You Break a Lease Because of COVID-19? What Renters Need To Know

Deni speaks to about whether or not one can break a lease during Covid-19. | Sale Pending Explained: How Long Will It Take Before You Can Finally Get the Keys?

The term “sale pending” can be quite confusing. Deni adds to this informative read describing what a sale pending is. | How to Rent a Home Sight Unseen: Smart Tips So You Don’t End Up in a Dump

Renting an apartment sight unseen is more the norm these days. Deni adds to this great article by

The Real Estate Solutions Guy| Landlord insurance – Why Your Homeowners Policy isn’t Enough

Great read on everything landlord insurance including the various types of insurance. Brian contributed great info as well.

Bankrate | How To Save For A House

Deni shares personal experience with supplementing income.

UpNest | The Best Blog Posts and Resources on Real Estate Investing in 2020

UpNest lists the best articles and online resources for real estate investors in 2020, including our guide to investment property loans.

Finder | How one couple is using real estate to achieve FIRE by 45

Our new series highlights stories from real people who’ve joined the financial independence, retire early (FIRE) movement.

AdditionFI | 7 Retirement & Investment Myths that are Costing You Money

Check out #4 Brian shares his experience with the myths.

NerdWallet | 3 Onerous Things Our Mortgage Lender Made Us Track Down

Brian adds awesome information on this article.

Motley Fool | 70+ Resources to Learn Real Estate Investing — And Do It Right

Sparkrental is mentioned for the awesome resources we provide.

Yahoo Finance | How to Refinance a Rental Property

Brian explains why lenders ask for more equity built up than with a traditional mortgage.

Neighbor Who Blog | Does a Pool Add Value to a Home?

Deni shares her opinion about pools and their value.

Motley Fool | Rental Property Investing Basics

SparkRental is mentioned for our free online rental property ROI calculator .

The Mortgage Report | How to Find Cheap Vacation Homes and Low Vacation Home Mortgage Rates

It is possible to find affordable vacation homes, if you know where to look. Brian adds some tips to this informative article.

U.S. News & World Report | What Is Revolving Credit – and How Can It Ruin Your Credit Score?

Brian speaks about how revolving credit can help or hurt your credit score, depending how you use it.

Quicken Loans | Condos: Pros and Cons for First Time Buyers

Purchasing a condo can be different, here is a great guide with a tip from Deni on first-time purchase of a condo. | Are You Ready to Buy a Vacation Home? 6 Questions to Ask First

Deni adds to this informative article about purchasing a vacation home. 

The College Investor | 10 Best Real Estate Websites to Learn Investing Tactics

SparkRental featured as one of the top 10 real estate investing websites in the world by none other than The College Investor, one of the best personal finance blogs on the web!

The Simple Dollar | How to Invest in Real Estate to Achieve FIRE

Brian discusses how to achieve financial independence & retire early (FIRE) with the sharp folks at The Simple Dollar.

Considerable | Your 12-Week Checklist for Selling Your Home

Check out what Deni says on Week 4 -“Prioritize your updates.”

Quicken Loans | Marketing Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Real Estate Business

Deni explains why building long-term relationships with clients is the foundation of a solid ongoing business.

IRA Financial Blog | How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing With a Self Directed Retirement Plan 

Brian explains the difference between direct v. indirect real estate investing.

Roofstock | What Should You Do with $50K

Brian shares what you should do if you ever have fifty thousand dollars laying around. | How to Win an Apartment in a Competitive Rental Market 

Brian shares how you can increase you odds of getting approved for an apartment.

Intuit Quickbooks | Pro Tips For Managing Your Rental Income Finances

Brian explains the importance of having the right finance infrastructure.

NAV | 7 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Leveraging Age to Grow Their Business

Age provides more than just experience when growing a business, Deni talks about one.

Teach A CEO | 24 Entrepreneurs Explain The Essential Skills One Needs To Be a CEO

Great read on some skills needed to be a CEO, one contributed by Brian.. | Nosy Neighbors? Here Are 4 DIY Hacks to Protect Your Privacy

Brian offers up a way to keep private when you have nosy neighbors..

Fit Small Business | Top 19 Tips for Real Estate Prospecting [+ Pro Advice]

Deni adds one of the nineteen great tips to increase your real estate clientele.

Saltwire | Avoid Buying a Haunted (or infamous) Neighbourhood Home

Deni speaks about purchasing homes that may be haunted.

Kitchn | The 5 Components That Make Up an Ideal Kitchen

Why is the kitchen so important when selling a home? Deni discusses this with the folks at | What Is a Sheriff’s Sale? Yes, Your Local Law Enforcement Is Involved

Deni offers information on exactly what a sheriff’s sale is.

LGBTQ Guide | Fair Housing in 2019

Deni provides advice on handling housing discrimination.

Retire Before Dad | Using Rentals & Leverage to Build Income Faster

Brian shares his personal experience to help others learn more about real estate.

GO Banking Rates | 18 Home Improvements You Should Never DIY

Brian gives some information on this  home improvement that should not be done by you.

OppLoans | 10 Money Pitfalls to Avoid When Renting

Brian explains the importance for renters to be aware of the condition of possible rentals.

Fit Small Business | Top 25 Tips for Selling a Rental Property From the Pros

Deni offers tips to stay organized and make sure your rental property sale goes through! | Vacation Rental Red Flags, and How to Avoid Falling for a Hoax

Brian offers great advice about what to look for in a vacation rental host.

Carolroth | The Best Perks Small Businesses Can Offer Employees

 SparkRental shares various perks that small businesses can offer employees.

CreditDonkey | Sources of Residual Income

SparkRental shares a list of property tax deductions that benefit homeowners and real estate investors.

Fox News | Looking to Rent a Home? Watch Out for These Red Flags

Brian chats with the folks at Fox about how renters can protect themselves from scams, unsafe properties, and unsavory landlords.

FitSmallBusiness: Top 25 Stock Market Tips from the Pros

Brian shares great tips about investing in stocks regularly and why.

Landlord Tips | What Neighborhoods in Philadelphia are Best for Rental Property Investment

Deni talks about why Philadelphia is a great place to invest. | These States Have the Highest Property Taxes, But a Possible Loophole Offers Hope

Deni speaks with about creative ways states are handling the new property tax deduction limitations.

Luxury Home Marketing | Want Celebrity Clients? Here’s How To Work With Them

Deni speaks with the folks at Luxury Home Marketing at what not to say to potential clients.

Up Journey | The Benefits of Reading (According to 26 People Who Read Every Day)

There are obvious benefits to reading. Proven. Successful people read often. Brian Davis shares his thoughts on the topic with those at UpJourney.

Fit Small Business | 21 Best Apartment Marketing Ideas to Make Your Listings Stand Out

Marketing an apartment correctly can be challenging. Here are some awesome tips to get you started. | Joanna Gaines Loves Fake What?! A Spring Trend That Boggles the Mind

Fake flowers, yes or no? Read and see what industry experts in design and real estate (including our Deni Supplee!) are saying about it.

Hostfully | How To Develop A Property Management Business Plan

Deni contributes to this informational piece on getting a plan together for your property management business.

FitSmallBusiness: Top 15 Pro Tips on How to Find a Contractor

Deni adds to this great piece about finding contractors, which frankly, can be challenging at best.

Roofstock: Experts Share 6 Tips to Help Maximize Rental Income

To earn the best ROI, investors must both maximize rental income and minimize expenses. Deni offers her take on this piece by Roofstock.

RentTrack: 18 Tried And True Online Property Marketing Tips to Fill Rental Vacancies Fast

Check out these informative ways to get those vacancies filled fast! Including one from SparkRental’s own Deni Supplee, of course.

GOBankingRates: Common Real Estate Myths That You Need to Know

Denise speaks about one of the many perceived barriers of entrance to the world of real estate investing covered in this informative article.

FitSmallBusiness: 28 Most Inspiring Management Quotes

Check out number 14 of this inspirational composition regarding management! Should you postpone retirement to pay off card debt?

Is too much credit card debt crushing your retirement dreams? Brian Davis weighs in some tips among the many excellent ones in this article about debt and retirement.

MarketWatch: How to Shop for a Home in This Challenging Market

6 Great tips to stay on top of the home purchasing task even in tough market conditions including 1 from our own Brian Davis.

FitSmallBusiness: 25 Cost-Effective Landscaping Projects for Fix & Flips

Brian provides quick and inexpensive ways to spruce up the outside of your home or investment property. Selling a House With Fire Damage? How to Do It and Not Get Burned

Denise Supplee discusses with how to sell a home that has been in a fire. Great information on whether to repair, or sell as is.

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Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals


Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals


Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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