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GoBankingRates | 18 Home Improvements You Should Never DIY

Fixing this important part of the house requires intricit knowledge. Otherwise, it may lead to exponential worse structural damage, Our Brian had pointed out.

GoBankingRates | 36 Ways To Save For Your Emergency Fund and Any Unexpected Situations

Our Brian discussed the magical paychecks that you will receive twice a year that will boost your Emergency Funds!

GoBankingRates | 16 Reasons Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Buy a Fixer-Upper

There are things necessary before investing to fixer-upper: do the mathematics. Our Brian emphasized the rule of thumb in the flipping world called the ‘70% Rule.’

Newsroom Post | How to Become Wealthy While Working a Regular job

Our Brian shared the secret on how to boost your revenue rather than your lifestyle.

NextAdvisor | The Best House Hunting Advice You’ll Ever Get, According to the Experts

Our Deni adviced to focus on the non-negotiables and make a list of the must have of the buyers.

Daily Hive | All the negotiation tips you need to get the best deal on a rental

Landlords want the highest possible rents for their units. Our Brian Davis added, it was not the only thing the landlords want. There are more!

US News | How to Refinance a Rental Property 

You will get a lower interest rate when you refinance a rental property however it comes with an increased risk, our Brian has imposed.

Bankrate | Poll: Lending money goes wrong nearly half the time

Our Brian shared his bitter experience to keep his friend’s business afloat. 

Go Banking Rate | How To Compound Your Income in 2022

There are many other ways of passive stream of income in real estate, Brian Davis has shared.

ThinkRealty | 10 Things You Can Outsource for Your Property as an Investor

Our landlord app shines when they talk about screening and onboarding tenants.

GO Banking Rate | How To Invest In Real Estate Without Owning Property

You can passively invest through partnership and co-investing program,  our Brian simplified.

Incfile | How Can Gen Z Be Proactive About Financial Planning?

Our Brian Davis highlights the power of starting young: compounding and snowballing.

Real Homes | Tarek El Moussa reveals the one thing not to forget when renovating a kitchen

This one particular kitchen appliance makes life easier but it is just a bonus, our Brian points out. | Homeowners To See Higher Property Taxes, Thanks to the Pandemic—Here’s What They Can Do

Our Brian Davis expects that homeowners and landlords will flinch on the price shocks.

Bankrate | Need a bigger mortgage? These 8 strategies can help

Aside from showing the money, our Deni included her special someone to get the job done. | Can You Break a Lease Due to COVID-19? What Renters Need To Know

Tenants don’t have immunity bracelet when breaking the lease without the landlord’s blessings,  shared by our Denise Supplee. | How To Negotiate a Real Estate Agent Commission

A real estate agent who agrees to a lower commission and an agent who can broke the best price and terms is what our Deni Supplee have differentiated. | When Can a Seller Back Out of a Home Sale? The 5 Times They May Bail

Our Deni Supplee shared the 5-day rule which is in the laws governing real estate transactions.

GO Banking Rates | Housing Market: Buying the Fixer-Upper vs. Less Work at a Higher Price

One of the cons of buying a fixer-upper is the effort of navigating a treacherous waves of inks and papers, our Brian Davis concur.

GO Banking Rates | How To Save for a Down Payment While Fighting Inflation

Our Brian Davis shared an already crowded ever-growing pool of real estate crowdfunding sites with an impressive 5.5% dividend! | Landlord vs. Renter: Who Is Responsible for Pest Problems?

The behavior and cleanliness of the tenants are what our Brian Davis point out to watch out for.

GO Banking Rates | How To Get Rich With a Normal Job

Our Brian Davis explains the phenomenon called lifestyle creep, and how to avoid it.

GO Banking Rates | The Pros and Cons of Renting vs. Owning in Retirement

Renting flexibility, building equity, and more, explained by our Brian Davis in this article.

GO Banking Rates | 5 Simple Ways To Save $20 a Week

Our Brian Davis highlights that proper food management can save up to $100 per week!

AZ Big Media | 12 Considerations for First-Time Homebuyers

Deni advises you set aside a certain amount of money for repairs and maintenance before you exhaust all of your savings to purchase a home.

GO Banking Rates | How To Manage Your Money if You Have Unpredictable Income, According to Experts

Emergency funds is what our Brian Davis has emphasized: the deeper income irregularity is, the deeper the reserve should be. 

REthority | Errors and Omissions Insurance: Your Complete Guide

Our Deni Supplee warned that some types of coverage is not the best for you and pay attention to the prints.


Yahoo Finance | 7 Ways Rental Properties Can Help You Retire Early

Our Brian Davis elaborates the ideal ways to reach financial freedom in your 40s.


Bob Vila | 20 Things Real Estate Agents Would Never Want in Their Own Homes

The not-so-trendy wallpaper and other decorating ideas our Deni recommends you avoid.


GO Banking Rates | How To Stay Rich Once You Get There, According to Experts

Our Brian Davis shared the phenomenon of spending more when income rises.


The Accidental Landlord | Rental Property Basics with Brian Davis

Dive into the basics of owning a rental property with our Brian Davis!


Nerd Wallet | What Kind of Business Should I Start?

Our Brian Davis shared that your passion, natural talent, and expertise are the keys to the business you should start.


Reader’s Digest | 20 Hilariously Awkward Moments Realtors Have Had During House Showings

Be careful on the steps while showing the house is what our Deni shared that mortified her.


GO Banking Rates | These People Retired in Their 40s — Here’s How They Did It

Our Brian Davis explains the big difference of working a day job until the age of 65 and working in your passive income then supplement it to the work you love.


Real Simple | Carpeting Can Actually Add Value to Your Home—Here’s How

Making the floor more attractive by knowing the client’s needs is what our Deni Supplee has shared. | 9 Things Home Sellers Do During the Holidays That Scare Off Buyers

Our Deni Supplee offers tips about how to sell your home during the holidays for top dollar.


US News & World Report | 11 Courses to Jumpstart Your Second Career

US News & World Report feature’s SparkRental’s real estate investing courses to jumpstart your second career!


Mashvisor | Why the Holidays Are a Good Time To Buy a House

Denise Supplee explains why the holiday season can be advantageous for real estate buyers.


Retirement Investments | Best Investing Tips For Beginners: 25 Finance Experts Share Their Advice

New to investing? Read up on some easy investing tips from our cofounder Denise Supplee.


Real Homes | The Kitchen Renovating Mistake to Avoid, According to HGTV’s Tarek El Moussa

Our Brian Davis chimes in with HGTV star Tarek El Moussa on kitchen renovation tips for maximum ROI.

Mashvisor | Properties & Passports: Pursuing Financial Independence While Traveling the World

Hear it from Brian how he got on the road to financial independence through rental properties to be free to travel the world.


Best Company | My Mortgage Lender Sold My Loan: What It Means and What to Do Next

Brian shares a few tips that you need to know when you receive notice that your mortgage is sold.

ValueWalk | 21 Investing Myths that Just Aren’t True

Brian shares a few investing myths that all investors should recognize as false narratives.

GOBankingRates | How To Save Money on Your Apartment Hunt: A Guide for College and Post-Graduate Students

Brian shares some tips and tricks for college and post-graduate students, to help them find their first apartment rental.

MSN | How to Save for a House

Our cofounder Denise Supplee shares her story about how she used to save money as a cash-strapped single mom.

Financially Alert | Finding FI Interview #38: Living and Working Abroad with Brian of Sparkrental

Brian shared a story of having the privilege of generating his own income from anywhere in the world.

Steadily | The Ultimate Guide of How to Become a Landlord

Brian said there are some things you must know and do to become a successful landlord.


Apartment Therapy | Real Estate Agents Reveal the Sticky Situations They’ve Encountered During Breakups

Denise added six of the weirdest things real estate agents have seen during breakups.


HomeLight | How to Make Money Renting Houses: Advice From Experienced Investors

Rentals help you in making loads of money but learn from professional Investors so that you don’t lose money.


MoneyGeek | Renting Apartments and Homes for People With Disabilities

Disabled persons need to know their rights as they can live and apply for a rental unit.



USA Today | Here Come The Summer Vacation Rental Fees. Which Ones are Legit and Which are Robbery?

Summer’s just begun and vacation rental booking is up 282%. Deni adds some info about the fees some of the fees charged to vacationers.


GOBankingRates | The Potential Pitfalls of Buying the Cheapest House Available

Why shouldn’t you buy the cheapest house in the neighborhood? Brian chats with about the risks of buying the runt of the litter.


NextAdvisor | The Best House Hunting Advice You’ll Ever Get, According to the Experts

Information and tips on what specifically is needed when you begin a home search including some good advice from Deni.


GOBankingRates | How to Politely Handle Negotiations When Buying a Home

Negotiations may be hard fought, but that doesn’t mean you can’t engender some good will in the process. And perhaps walk away with a better deal because of it.


RENTCafe | 17 Experts Share the Best Budgeting & Saving Advice for Renters in 2021

Brian recommends taking 15 minutes each month to track two simple numbers: savings rate and FIRE ratio.


Fatherly | 7 Passive Income Ideas For Anyone Who Wants a Side Hustle

Brian gives suggestions to Fatherly on the seven ways in pulling some extra revenue.


FortuneBuilders | A No-Fail Script For Talking With Motivated Sellers

Brian chats with FortuneBuilders about how to score the best deal on real estate properties by finding motivated sellers.


SuperMoney | How to Invest in Real Estate: 10 Expert Strategies

Brian offers some tips for beginners who want to invest in real estate.


MoneyWise | How Will the Pandemic Affect Future Young Home Buyers?

Millennials are making tough choices on living expenses. But if they choose to rent, the best is to use our Free Rental Application, according to MoneyWise.


Dallas Morning News | Prepare to Pay a Bit More Then You Expect When Refinancing

Brian adds to this informative read which will have you thinking twice before refinancing a home.


Agent Advice | Phenomenal Women In The Real Estate Industry

Spark Rental’s own Deni Supplee made this phenomenal list.


Go Banking Rates | Common Real Estate Myths That You Need To Know

Deni contributes to this slideshow on the various myths of real estate.

The Financially Independent Millennial | How to Improve Your Credit Score – The 29 Best Ways

Simply put ways to improve your credit scores. Try these tips to boost your credit starting today, including one from our own Brian Davis.

Wealth Expose | Achieving Financial Independence Through Real Estate Investing – FIRE Strategy

Do you often dream of quitting your J.O.B. and becoming financially independent? Then you can follow the article where Brian shares his FIRE journey with some exclusive tips and strategies.

Landlording for Life Podcast | Best Practices in Automating Landlording Systems

At what point landlord should consider automating the process? Sean Morrissey hosts our very own Brian Davis on the Landlording for Life podcast to talk rental automation!

Outwit Trade | Tips For Selling Your Home: 24 RE Agents, Realtors & Home Sellers Comment

Killer tips from Deni for selling your home. You can find others too.

Best Company | Buying a Foreclosed Home—The Complete Guide

Is it safe to buy a foreclosed home? Brian shares his real-life experience.

Cheapism | This is why so many people feel like they’ll never get to retire

Brian talks about the true fact of buying power of Social Security beneficiaries and the Gig economy.

Agent Advice | Should Real Estate Agents Invest in PR

Deni talks about the importance of PR in this internet era. Your name can be a brand in real estate.

Outwit Trade | How Accurate Is Zillow? RE Agents Comment

When you’re running a business, it’s important to make the right decision at the right time. Deni gives OutwitTrade an honest review of Zillow.

Agent Advice | 6 Resources and Tips for your Military and Veteran Home Buyers

Are you a Veteran looking to buy a new home and you don’t have any experience? No worries. Take a look at this article where Deni gives her important suggestions for you.

Next Advisor | Should You Rent or Buy? Ask Yourself These Questions to Decide

There is a lot of space between owning a home and maintaining your homeownership. What should you do?

Rocket Mortgage | A Gender Gap You May Have Never Heard About: The Women’s Housing Investment Disparity

Are single women losing money on real estate investment? Brian shares an awesome tip while negotiating a great deal on a home.

Turnkey Blog | How Much Money Can You Make From a Vacation Rental?

Some vacation rentals earn much more than others. But why? Professionals like Deni can point you in the right direction. Curious to know? Take a look and learn what other experts also say.

Outwit Trade | Tips & Advice For Real Estate Agents (By Actual RE Agents)

There are so many tips and advice from highly experienced real estate agents including Deni. Know about their strategies and tactics. It’ll worth your time.

Financial Independence Hub | 8 Creative Financing options for the New Normal

Small businesses have been hit hardest during the pandemic and making it harder for getting funds. Take a look at this article where Brian shares his creative idea for businesses looking for funds.

InvestmentZen | 48 Financial Experts Reveal How Much Money They Need To Retire

Interesting read with info added by Brian on just how much money does one need to retire.

Legal Zoom | Tips and Tricks to Repair Your Personal Credit

There are little tricks to repeir your credit and Brian adds his own little trick in this informative article.

Doorsteps | Noisy Neighbors? 3 Cheap, Easy Hacks to Soundproof Your Apartment

Noise is one of the major complaints from renters. Check out these tips on sound-proofing with some tips from Brian, himself. | How to pay rent with a credit card

There are good reasons to pay rent with a credit card.

Cheapism | Why It’s Good to Be Retired During the Pandemic

Brian adds some of the upsides of being retired during the pandemic.

Bob Vila | 14 Things Real Estate Agents Would Never Want in Their Own Homes

Realtor look at houses day in and day out. Check out these items Realtor would not want in their own homes, one by Deni, herself.

NextAdvisor | The Best House Hunting Advice You’ll Ever Get, According to the Experts

House hunting is more than simply going out and looking. Deni contributes to this piece about house hunting.

Best Company | Reflective Entrepreneurs Share How Their Fathers Inspired Them in Business

Deni speaks of her own father’s influence in this inspiring article.

Click. Offer. Sold. | Do Banks Finance As-Is Homes

Financing a home in as-is condition may be challenging. Great read on ways to accomplish it including a discussion with Deni regarding FHA Loans.

Go Banking Rates | 17 Surprising Things About Buying a Home During the Pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has led to some unique advantages for first-time homebuyers. Brian Davis adds a tip of his own to this informative article by GOBankingRates.

Carol Roth | How Small Businesses Have Been Personally Affected by COVID-19

The Covid pandemic has affected many businesses. Brian discusses this with Carol Roth.

Landlord Tips | What Neighborhoods in Philadelphia are Best for Rental Property Investment

Deni shares a bit about Philadelphia, a place where she grew up, worked and now sells real estate.

Trulia | Eight Warning Signs of a Bad Landlord

Not all landlords are bad, and some are not so good. Deni adds to this story that provides some tell-tale signs of a potential bad landlord..

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Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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