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Around the Web in 80 Seconds with SparkRental: | How to get Started in Real Estate Investing With a Self Directed Retirement Plan 

Brian explains the difference between Direct v. Indirect Real Estate investing.

Roofstock | What Should you do with $50K

Brian shares what you should do if you ever have fifty thousand dollars laying around. | 28 Dumb Ways You Could Lose it all by Trying to get Rich

Brian shares his experience that will help you by learning from his mistakes. | How to Win an Apartment in a Competitive Rental Market 

Brian shares how you can increase you odds of getting approved for an apartment.

Quickbooks.Intuit | Pro Tips For Managing Your Rental Income Finances

Brian explains the importantcec of having the right finance infrastructure.

NAV | 7 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Leveraging Age to Grow Their Business

Age provides more than just experience when growing a business, Deni talks about one.

TeachACEO | 24 Entrepreneurs Explain The Essential Skills One Needs To Be a CEO

Great read on some skills needed to be a CEO, one contributed by Brian.. | Nosy Neighbors? Here Are 4 DIY Hacks to Protect Your Privacy

Brian offers up a way to keep private when you have nosy neighbors..

FitSmallBusiness | Top 19 Tips for Real Estate Prospecting [+ Pro Advice]

Deni adds one of the nineteen great tips to increase your real estate clientele.

NGNews | Avoid Buying a Haunted (or infamous) Neighbourhood Home

Deni speaks about purchasing homes that may be haunted.

Kitchn | The 5 Components That Make Up an Ideal Kitchen

Why is the kitchen so important when selling a home? Deni discusses this with the folks at | What Is a Sheriff’s Sale? Yes, Your Local Law Enforcement Is Involved

Deni offers information on exactly what a sheriff’s sale is.

LGBTQ Guide | Fair Housing in 2019

Deni provides advice on handling housing discrimination.

RetireBeforeDad | Using Rentals & Leverage to Build Income Faster

Brian shares his personal experience to help others learn more about real estate.

GOBankingRates | 18 Home Improvements You Should Never DIY

Brian gives some information on this  home improvement that should not be done by you.

OppLoans | 10 Money Pitfalls to Avoid When Renting

Brian explains the importance for renters to be aware of the condition of possible rentals.

FitSmallBusiness | Top 25 Tips for Selling a Rental Property from the Pros

Deni offers tips to stay organized and make sure your rental property sale goes through! | Vacation Rental Red Flags, and How to Avoid Falling for a Hoax

Brian offers great advice about what to look for in a vacation rental host. | The Best Perks Small Businesses Can Offer Employees

 SparkRental shares various perks that small businesses can offer employees.

CreditDonkey | Sources of Residual Income

SparkRental shares a list of property tax deductions that benefit homeowners and real estate investors.

Fox News: Looking to Rent a Home? Watch Out for These Red Flags

Brian chats with the folks at Fox about how renters can protect themselves from scams, unsafe properties, and unsavory landlords.

FitSmallBusiness: Top 25 Stock Market Tips from the Pros

Brian shares great tips about investing in stocks regularly and why.

LandlordTips: What Neighborhoods in Philadelphia are Best for Rental Property Investment

Deni talks about why Philadelphia is a great place to invest. These States Have the Highest Property Taxes, But a Possible Loophole Offers Hope

Deni speaks with about creative ways states are handling the new property tax deduction limitations.

Luxury Home Marketing: Want Celebrity Clients? Here’s How To Work With Them

Deni speaks with the folks at Luxury Home Marketing at what not to say to potential clients.

UpJourney: The Benefits of Reading (According to 26 People Who Read Every Day)

There are obvious benefits to reading. Proven. Successful people read often. Brian Davis shares his thoughts on the topic with those at UpJourney.

FitSmallBusiness: 21 Best Apartment Marketing Ideas to Make Your Listings Stand Out

Marketing an apartment correctly can be challenging. Here are some awesome tips to get you started. Joanna Gaines Loves Fake What?! A Spring Trend That Boggles the Mind

Fake flowers, yes or no? Read and see what industry experts in design and real estate (including our Deni Supplee!) are saying about it.

Hostfully: How To Develop A Property Management Business Plan

Deni contributes to this informational piece on getting a plan together for your property management business.

FitSmallBusiness: Top 15 Pro Tips on How to Find a Contractor

Deni adds to this great piece about finding contractors, which frankly, can be challenging at best.

Roofstock: Experts Share 6 Tips to Help Maximize Rental Income

To earn the best ROI, investors must both maximize rental income and minimize expenses. Deni offers her take on this piece by Roofstock.

RentTrack: 18 Tried And True Online Property Marketing Tips to Fill Rental Vacancies Fast

Check out these informative ways to get those vacancies filled fast! Including one from SparkRental’s own Deni Supplee, of course.

GOBankingRates: Common Real Estate Myths That You Need to Know

Denise speaks about one of the many perceived barriers of entrance to the world of real estate investing covered in this informative article.

FitSmallBusiness: 28 Most Inspiring Management Quotes

Check out number 14 of this inspirational composition regarding management! Should you postpone retirement to pay off card debt?

Is too much credit card debt crushing your retirement dreams? Brian Davis weighs in some tips among the many excellent ones in this article about debt and retirement.

MarketWatch: How to Shop for a Home in This Challenging Market

6 Great tips to stay on top of the home purchasing task even in tough market conditions including 1 from our own Brian Davis.

FitSmallBusiness: 25 Cost-Effective Landscaping Projects for Fix & Flips

Brian provides quick and inexpensive ways to spruce up the outside of your home or investment property. Selling a House With Fire Damage? How to Do It and Not Get Burned

Denise Supplee discusses with how to sell a home that has been in a fire. Great information on whether to repair, or sell as is.

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Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals


Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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Real Estate FIRE Escape: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals


Want a plan to retire in 5 years? We won't tell you it's easy... but we will tell you how to do it.

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