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Denise Supplee & Brian Davis

Who Is Spark Rental?

Spark Rental was launched by two friends and former colleagues, Denise Supplee and Brian Davis, who wanted to help automate the rental process from soup to nuts.

Denise is a landlord, real estate agent and former property manager, who knows just how much work it can be to manage rental properties. She also happens to be a rental industry legal forms expert, having worked for a decade at what was the top legal forms service for landlords. Her first priority though? There is nothing more important to Denise than her family, who she makes time for no matter how crazy the business world gets.

Brian is a landlord and real estate investor, with 15 rental properties. A rental industry expert, he’s been interviewed by dozens of media outlets ranging from U.S. News & World Report to to Time Money and countless others. His motivation for starting this business was automating his rental properties so he could travel the world, and he has: Brian’s visited ten countries in the last year. His current base camp is Abu Dhabi, but he hails from Baltimore originally and nostalgizes frequently about his Fells Point townhouse and kooky family and friends.

Spark Rental originally launched as a free educational resource, but will soon be providing full-service rental automation. We have some incredible innovations our genius tech team is building out, that we are 100% positive will disrupt and revolutionize the rental industry. Stay in touch, join our mailing list, connect with us on social media, and we promise to keep you informed and entertained!

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