Leasing & Onboarding New Renters


Everything you need to know about signing new lease agreements and onboarding new tenants.


Preparing to sign a lease agreement?


Don’t sign it lightly.

Have you collected rental applications from a large pool of candidates? Have you run credit, criminal and eviction reports on all applicants? Collected application fees or charged the screening reports to the renter, to verify they’re committed?

If you’ve done all that, and made all the phone calls to verify income, employment, housing history, etc., and you feel 100% rock solid about this tenant… now you need to make sure you have a defensive lease agreement.

Think of your lease agreement as your shield, your armor. Most state landlord-tenant laws are extremely tenant-friendly, and designed to protect the renter, not the landlord. That means you’re responsible for protecting yourself.

How do you do that? With a comprehensive, protective lease package. Read on for more details, and happy leasing!



“Required Reading” – Start Here First!

Want more? We have you covered! Here’s some further reading on lease agreements, security deposits, move-in and everything else you need to know about onboarding new renters.



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