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Want higher ROI on your rentals? Fill your vacant rental unit with the best possible renters, ASAP.

Have a vacant rental unit on your hands?


Vacancies are expensive, and they’re time-consuming to fill. Lucky you! But unless you want to be right back in this position in six months, an eviction later, get it right the first time.

Advertise on multiple rental listing websites. Give every person who expresses interest a rental application (ours is free, emailable and e-signable – hint hint).

Then run tenant screening reports on all applicants. Get a full credit report, nationwide criminal background check, and nationwide eviction report. Have the applicant pay the fee for these (our screening reports can be charged directly to the applicant).

Then it’s calls, calls calls. Supervisors. HR departments. Personal references. Current landlords. Prior landlords. If that sounds like a lot of work, it’s nothing compared to unpaid rent, serving eviction notices, filing in rent court, appearing in front of a judge, meeting the sheriff at the property, and then spending thousands of dollars to get the property back in rental shape.

Here are a few fundamental articles to get you started, and from there, you can explore our other articles in the Advertising & Tenant Screening category to make sure you get the perfect long-term tenant, every vacancy!



“Required Reading” – Start Here First!

Still hungry after eating those up? Well, we won’t let you down. There’s plenty of rental advertising and resident screening articles to sink your teeth into!


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