Denise Supplee


Deni Supplee has worked in real estate for over 30 years, and she’s done it all.

She started as a landlord, then a property manager with portfolios in the hundreds of units. Then Deni got her Realtor’s license in Pennsylvania to work on the transaction side of the business.

And that says nothing of her real estate investment portfolio, first as an active investor with rental properties and later as a passive investor with fractional ownership.

Deni combined her love for real estate, education, and technology when she and Brian launched SparkRental in 2016. They taught many a real estate investing class together, and kept getting the same question: “Can I just invest in projects with you?” After saying “No” countless times, Deni and Brian finally decided to explore what that would look like.

Thus SparkRental’s Co-Investing Club was born, where members all vet deals together. And even more importantly, share investment costs together to keep minimum investments low. We all get to invest small amounts in large projects like apartment complexes, mobile home parks, retail properties, and self-storage facilities.

In Deni’s off time, her happiest moments are the simple ones she spends with her family of five children and 14 grandchildren. Deni and her husband recently discovered the fun of RVing, and love hitting the road together. Deni also is an avid blogger for real estate and Christian topics, and has founded a Christian blog and community with over 1000 loyal members, currently in its ninth year.

Wyoming Rental Laws Guide

Wyoming Rental Laws Guide

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Wisconsin Rental Laws Guide

Wisconsin Rental Laws Guide

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West Virginia Rental Laws Guide

West Virginia Rental Laws Guide

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Deni Supplee Spark Rental
Denise Supplee is a landlord, property manager, and passive investor in real estate syndications. She's also a champion mom, grandmom and licensed Realtor.

Brian Davis - Spark Rental
G. Brian Davis is a real estate investor and writer who, along with his wife and daughter, spends most of the year overseas. He loves hiking, travel, exotic wine, and cooking, although not necessarily in that order. He plans to reach financial independence by age 45.

Our goal in building SparkRental? To help other middle-class investors build passive income from real estate, so they can spend more time with the people and passions they love.