Christmas is Friday!

A last minute gift idea sometimes it’s hard to find, especially for real estate investors!

As a fun, quick holiday edition of the Live Off Rents podcast, we’re breaking down 8 gift ideas for real estate investors that aren’t boring.

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live off rents podcast transcript


Deni Supplee: Hi, everyone, and welcome to Spark Rental’s weekly broadcast podcast, and it is the week before Christmass, not even a week, right

Deni Supplee: It’s serious if you’re not done your shopping.We got the show for you because you’re bringing it down to a few days.

Deni Supplee: So with that being said, last time we talked about what it’s OK to rent to tenants that may not have the best credit and whatnot, and that was a pretty good show and a pretty good response we got. And this week we’re keeping it light. We’re going to talk about last minute gift ideas for the real estate investor and for procrastinators like us. And, you know, it’s hard to be a procrastinator because most shopping is done online now, we even made that easy for you. So, Brian, tell us about some of these Last-Minute gifts.

Brian Davis: Sure. So we’ve got eight gift ideas for real estate investors. You know what? You can buy last minute or at least many of these you can buy last minute. So the first of these, you know, we’re going to just start off kind of fun with a Batman Multitool. And, you know, as a real estate investor, let’s face it, you were often situation where you need to have a tool handy and, you know, more fun than multi-tool than having Batman on. So you go nuts, you know, like many multi-tool, got pliers, wire cutters, pedophile bottle opener. Of course, in case you want to celebrate your home affairs, I’ve got a couple of knives and multiple screwdrivers can openers…

Deni Supplee: But, you know, do they all have Batman Batman on? Like his head on the end of the tunnel,

Brian Davis: His logo on there. Oh, OK. But yeah, you just something a little fun for real estate investors keeping it light. But yeah, we do. We work with our hands. You know, we’re constantly needing to tinker with things and often, you know, at a moment’s notice. Right. You know, not always running around with a huge tool kit in the car with us. So, you know, little belts tool, a little Batman pocket tool.

Brian Davis: So you go, Tara says, Merry Christmas to everyone and Merry Christmas to you.

Deni Supplee: So what else you have for us here?

Brian Davis: Number two, and you know, this is not just for real estate investors, but a pocket power bank to recharge your phone. I mean,

Deni Supplee: That’s cool.

Brian Davis: Real estate investors nowadays we use our phone not just for communicating, of course, or looking things up online, but we also use it as our emergency flashlight right when we are in dark basements with power on showing a property, showing a property.

Brian Davis: You know, we also many investors use their phone camera as their primary camera when they are walking through prospective properties to purchase, you know, even taking photos for listings, which we don’t normally recommend, although, you know, the cameras on smartphones nowadays are spectacular.

Deni Supplee: So they really are.

Brian Davis: Yeah, but, you know, when you rely so heavily on one device, it runs out of batteries so you can use a power bank. You know, this is a small one if it’s in your pocket and it has enough juice in it to charge your phone a dozen times over. So.

Deni Supplee: Wow.

Brian Davis: Yeah. So this will keep you in juice in your eye with your phone for all of those listings, showings, evaluations of properties, inspections, all that stuff.

Deni Supplee: Well, that’s impressive.I’m impressed.

Brian Davis: All right. Number three on the list along a similar vein. Here is the cell phone lens kit for your camera. So that’s one of the limitations of cell phone cameras that you just have the one lens you can’t do optical zooms or you can’t do a wide angle. So with a little pocket lens cap, you can just clip on different types of lenses, lenses such as telephoto lenses, fisheye lenses, wide angle, you know, all that good stuff. And these are not expensive either. You know, it’s not going to break the back.

Deni Supplee: So I hope my husband is watching because I like the last two.

Brian Davis: So, you know, Jerry, there you go. I hope you’re taking notes, Jerry.

Deni Supplee: Not not the Batman thing so much, but you know what else we got.

Brian Davis: All right. So number four is a keychain measuring tape. So, you know, once again, real estate investors, we often need to measure things not just room sizes, but also things like cabinet widths or the gaps in encounter spaces to put in appliances such as refrigerators or ovens or any of that stuff. You know, you need a measuring tape for that. Otherwise, you end up buying an appliance that’s like one eighth of an inch too big and it won’t fit in that slot and it drives you crazy. But, you know, this keychain measuring tape, it’s like a tiny little tile that fits your keychain. Don’t even know it’s there, but it’s there when you need it for those. And again, you know, like with the multi-tool, you just never know when you’re going to need some of these tools. When you’re visiting properties, you know, you don’t you’re not always carrying around the huge tool kit with all of your proper tools. So it’s nice to just have some of these ultra portable ones with you at all times.

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Deni Supplee: All right, cool. And another one which I give out to a lot of people in my life is gift certificates to Lowe’s or Home Depot or any of those big box home renovation stores.

Brian Davis: It’s not the sexiest gift alive or it’s not the sexiest gift out there, but it’s ultra practical and as a real estate investor, you’re going to use it.

Deni Supplee: I have given it to clients who’ve purchased properties and they are super excited always to get that, you know, it’s better than giving them something with your name on it as a realtor.

Deni Supplee: And that’s why they’re here, have a welcome mat or something. But so far, with your logo on it. Yes, yeah.

Brian Davis: and really, what’s the point of giving someone something that they’re not going to use so. Right. All right, number six on the list of last minute gift ideas for real estate investors, give them a gift certificate or a subscription to Prop Stream, which is arguably the best software to help you find off market deals on properties. So check that out.

Deni Supplee: I think it’s fun to use like a five down time. I go on there and just, like, searching around. But I’m I’m a nerd.

Brian Davis: So aren’t we all.I mean, we’re both real estate nerds here and, you know, probably half the audiences do so. But, yeah, pristine is great for finding distressed properties, you know, properties that are pre foreclosures, couples going through divorces, you know, properties and tax sale, tax liens. I mean, all of these sorts of things, you know, other types of judgments and liens. So check it out. And they do have a free trial period as well, if you want to check it out for yourself. I think it’s a seven day free trial period that you can give it a whirl and see if you like it.

Deni Supplee: Oh, and. Aren’t we doing something we’re giving….

Brian Davis: A great point. Do you what do you tell everyone a little bit about that?

Deni Supplee: Well, we were we were going to get we gave one out already. We’re giving two. So we’re giving another one next week. And it’s a full one year subscription to Prop Stream, which is almost twelve hundred dollars, which is our gift to you if you. Tara, reached Tara! She has all the logistics on how to do it or hit us up and support it, at and we’ll let you know how to enter this contest.

Brian Davis: It’s really we made it even easier. All you have to do is leave a hopefully glowing review for us, either on our our Facebook page or on site.

Deni Supplee: So there you go.

Brian Davis: You don’t even have to retrieve a hopefully positive review for on site or our Facebook page and then just let Tara know. And, you know, if you want the link to our page on site you know, Terry can give you that as well. Tara Scott. Or you can just message us through our Facebook page for the details, but not to be confused. Spark Rent, which is a different company that went out of business years ago, who has a bunch of bad reviews on the way, you’re not us.

Deni Supplee: No, that’s not us.

Brian Davis: But yeah, it’s nearly a twelve hundred dollar value for a year’s subscription to Prop Stream. It’s about a hundred dollars a month. There’s the subscription fee. So it’s a very, very valuable gift. We already gave one of those one year subscriptions away last Friday.

Deni Supplee: We write to Credence

Brian Davis: That’s right. We’re giving the second one away next Tuesday on our weekly podcast, which is broadcast live over Facebook. So put that in over the next few days. And and by the way, it’s not a massive pool of people who have done this. So your odds of winning are actually really good.

Deni Supplee: Yes, you really are.

Brian Davis: It’ll take you two minutes to or less than two minutes, 30 seconds to write. A nice review for us on site or Facebook. And you’ll be one of, you know, not not a ton of people who have done this. So you’ll have pretty good odds of winning this one year subscription to Prop Stream and to score off market deals. So it definitely makes sense. The cost benefit for this is very much in your favor.

Deni Supplee: Hardly any time. And I put the link. In the chat, so it’s readily available, you just click on it.

Brian Davis: There you go. All right. So 7th idea for off or for a last minute gift ideas for real estate investors similar. It’s a gift certificate or a subscription to Deal Machine, which is another great software for finding off market deals as a real estate investor, something you use for driving for dollars when you drive around and looking for dilapidated homes or homes that look like they’re not being cared for very well by the owner, absentee landlords sort of situation or just a vacant property in general. You snap a picture, you sell with the machine app and it will pull up all of the owner’s contact information, including their their name and their ownership history. You know what? The property was purchased for information about any leans against the property, all that stuff. And for an extra fee, they will send out mailers to the owner for you. All you have to do is click a button.

Deni Supplee: So tell me that’s not cool. You know, for you, it’s best.

Brian Davis: Yes, absolutely. And then last but not least, and probably on the more expensive side for at least for this list, real estate investors could use a drone. Drones are actually quite useful for real estate investors. They’re not just toys, but they also make fun toys. But you can use drones to do things like take aerial photos of properties, which can spice up your listing photos either for rent or for sale for properties, can also use it for things like inspecting parts of your property that you can’t see from the ground, such as the rings or things like the soffit or any of the chimney. You know, just parts of the upper stories of your property you can’t necessarily see very well from the ground. So, you know, and they’re fun, right? And it’s a toy.

Deni Supplee: Unless you’re me, I would probably crash it into the rental property if I was to do it. Yes, but, you know, it is a great idea. Yeah.

Brian Davis: So there’s hundreds of drones idea drone ideas out there, different models you can buy. You know, one that we kind of like for under a $100,00 is the rise tech telo. And, you know, we’ll send a link to Amazon. We can pick that up. I think it’s like eighty nine bucks and it’s got a high def camera and I mean all that fun stuff. Um. But, you know, you can buy cheaper ones, you can buy them for as little as like $50,00, or you can spend thousands of dollars on a drone if you want, you know, pro level drones. But, you know, it is fun for real estate investors and real estate agents as well. A lot of them use drones now for taking listing photos and making them pop.

Brian Davis: So there you have it. Eight last minute gift ideas for real estate investors as a quick recap. There’s the Batmen Multitool Pocket Power Bank to keep your devices charged at all times.

Brian Davis: Cell phone lens kit keychain measuring tape. And again, those are super small. You’ll be amazed at just how small those measuring tape is a gift certificate to Home Depot or Lowe’s, a subscription or gift certificate to Prop Stream, which is in software. I hope you find off market deals, subscriptions or gift certificates to Deal Machine, which is a phone app that helps you with driving four dollars for finding aftermarket deals. And finally, a drone. So there you go.

Brian Davis: If you are a procrastinator like us, hopefully you have some good ideas for the real estate investors on your list or maybe for yourself. I mean, you know, I’m not above buying myself the occasional holiday present, so that is great.

Deni Supplee: And in the meantime, you everybody I mean, we have the holidays coming up. Have a great and safe holiday time.

Brian Davis: Absolutely. And final reminder, the contest or the drawing for giving away that year’s subscription to Prop Stream, you still have the rest of this week to enter that. So leave us a kind of review, hopefully on site or on our Facebook page, and then just shoot us a message through our Facebook group or emails that supported And you will be entered to win that one year subscription, roughly a twelve hundred dollar value. And again, there’s not a massive amount of people in there so far. So any individual odds of winning are quite strong.

Brian Davis: So jump in there. There we go. And on that note, Merry Christmas. Have a great holiday. Stay safe. And we’ll see you next Tuesday at two p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Pacific.

Deni Supplee: Absolutely. Have a great day and a great holiday. Bye bye

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