Perhaps when you think of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach comes to mind. However, South Carolina is fairly a landlord-friendly state where renters make up approximately 33.5% of the total residents. It is fast becoming a popular location for retirees for it’s warmth and sunny weather. Opportunities exist from vacation rentals to single family home long-term investments.


At a Glance:

Late Fees: South Carolina possesses no state restrictions on what can be imposed as a late charge.

Security Deposit: Statutes in South Carolina are silent regarding any limit on the amount a landlord may collect.

Returned Payment Fee Limit: There is an imposed limit of $30 for a returned payment or check.

Notice to Enter: Unless there is an emergency, the landlord must provide the renter with a 24-hour advance notice to enter the rental premises.


Late Fee/Returned Check Fee:

Good news, South Carolina does not have a limit on what can be charged as a fee when the rent payment is late. Be sure, however, not to charge such inflated fees that fairness is called in question. And for collection purposes, late fees are considered “rent”.

Did the rent check go bouncing? In South Carolina, if a tenant has their payment returned unpaid by the bank, the landlord may charge a fee no more than $30. (Hint: using Spark Rental’s rent automation service or our unique RentDeduct™ deduction from payroll service removes the headache of those bouncing checks!)


Security Deposits:

Proper return of the security deposit is essential in South Carolina or any state for that matter. All security deposits or prepaid rents must be returned before the end of thirty days after tenancy ends.

When returning the security deposit, it must be with a written statement of any deductions.

The tenant must provide the landlord a forwarding address. If the landlord does not return the security deposit in a timely manner, there may be substantial costs incurred. However, if the renter does not provide a forwarding address, any imposed consequences are not valid. It is important, though, that the tenant mail the statement and balance to the last known address.

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Most states require that the landlord provide that the premises are fit and safe. South Carolina is no different. The tenant has the obligation to be sure that the premises is clean and safe and should not abuse or neglect anything in or around the rental unit.


Right of Entry:

A 24-hour advanced notification is required in order to make repairs, provide pest control or show the property. This is waived if there is an emergency. A renter cannot withhold consent unjustly.


Notice to End Lease:

If the lease contract between your renter and you has an ending date, and the lease provides no direction for advanced notice to end, then the renter will simply move at the end. However, if the lease goes from month to month, a thirty-day notice is required by either party; and in the case of week to week, seven days is the amount of notice.



Tenant didn’t pay rent? Make sure the lease provides verbiage specifically as outlined in the South Carolina statutes under ‘IF You DO Not Pay Your Rent on Time”.


Are you looking for a state- specific rental lease? Spark Rental South Carolina Lease is not only a thorough and protective contract for the landlord, but it is state-compliant as well.


Questions? Ask a South Carolina Attorney!

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