Deduct rent directly from your renter’s paycheck!


Collect rent from credit cards & eCheck transfers

No Strings Attached – Free Options Available for Both the Landlord & Renter

Rent Automation

On-time rent, every month, direct from your renter’s payroll.

Never hear “check’s in the mail” again!

Bank-Level Security

Your renters never know your bank details.

Plus the latest in digital encryption & SSL secure technology.

No More Paper Checks

Credit card & ACH payments direct-deposited in your account.

Download a ledger of rent payments any time!

On-time rent, every month, with no checks or bank runs.


Sound too good to be true? It’s not. SparkRental offers several options for collecting rent right to your bank account, all of them completely secure.

Your renter will never see your bank details. Ever.


Introducing RentDeduct

Our revolutionary rent automation service will deduct rent directly from your renter’s paycheck, into a secure account. Then at the beginning of each month, SparkRental automatically transfers the rent to you via secure direct deposit.

For you, it means virtually guaranteed on-time rent payments, every month. It also means you can accept more applicants, who may have imperfect credit history or evictions on record.

For your applicants, it means a second chance at good housing. And they’ll never owe another late rent fee!

Or Let Renters Pay by eCheck or Credit Card

Don’t want the enforced structure of rent deducted from your renter’s paycheck? No problem. You can also accept rents transferred via ACH (A.K.A. eCheck) or charged to the renter’s debit or credit card.

And no, you don’t have to hassle with the details of collecting these payments – once your account is set up, you just receive email alerts when the rent is paid. All your renter has to do is log on and enter their payment details to send their rent payment!

Why You’ll Love Us

Fewer Defaults & Evictions = Higher ROI

Did you know that tenants who pay rent electronically are less likely to default?

And that’s just those who pay by ACH (eCheck). Just imagine how much unlikely a default is when the rent comes straight from the renter’s paycheck!


Shorter Vacancies, Higher Acceptance Rates

Want to fill vacancies faster? Easy, if you can accept more applicants!

That would normally be a recipe for rent defaults and disaster. But when you can pull the rent straight from the tenant’s payroll, you can accept applicants who you’d otherwise have to decline.

Early Warning if Renter Loses Job

Normally, if your renter loses their job, you won’t know until the rent becomes late and you chase them down for answers.

But with RentDeduct, we’ll alert you if the renter’s paycheck fails to land in their RentDeduct Vault. You’ll know before the rent is even due that there may be trouble on the horizon. You can then reach out to your renter and coordinate either a new payment plan or a move-out plan.

Simple Setup

The approval process is quick and simple. Our hyper-secure payment processing partner will verify your bank accounts and identity, per U.S. banking laws.

Once approved, you can sit back, relax, and watch rents come in via payroll deduction, ACH (eCheck) or credit cards.


Bank-Level Security

How do you know we’re serious when we say “bank-level security”?

Simple: our banking partner transfers the money, and they have to meet extreme security standards!

And no, your renters never see your bank account details. Ever

No Long-Term Contracts

Not big on commitment? That’s cool. No really – you can leave at any time.

We’re not your psycho ex-boyfriend, we’re just here to help automate your rent collection!

Get started now with a free account!

More Help & Latest Industry News:

Denise Supplee & Brian Davis

Who Is Spark Rental?


Spark Rental was launched by two friends and former colleagues, Denise (Deni) Supplee and G. Brian Davis, who wanted to help automate the rental process from soup to nuts.

Deni is a landlord, real estate agent and former property manager, who knows just how much work it can be to manage rental properties. Why did she start a business? To have more flexibility for her family, including her husband Jerry, 5 children, 3 grandchildren, 2 dogs, her foreign exchange student “new son,” and her live-in mother.

She also happens to be a rental industry legal forms expert, having worked for a decade at what was the top legal forms service for landlords. She knows state-specific lease agreements inside and out!

Brian has dreamed of financial independence since he graduated college and took his first look at a cubicle. He went on a rental property buying spree, and promptly lost his shirt. He’s owned dozens of properties over the years, been close to bankruptcy more than once, and has made every conceivable mistake in the book.

But all those expensive mistakes came with some hard-earned lessons, and he’s now a nationally recognized rental industry expert. He’s been interviewed by dozens of media outlets ranging from U.S. News & World Report to to Time Money and countless others.

Why did he start this business? Besides helping other rental investors avoid all the mistakes he’s made, Brian lives for traveling. His current base camp is Abu Dhabi, but he hails from Baltimore originally and nostalgizes frequently about his Fells Point townhouse and kooky family and friends.

SparkRental originally launched as a free educational resource, but now provides automated rent collection, editable lease agreements, free tenant screening, a free rental application and premium online courses for landlords. We have some incredible innovations our genius tech team is building out, that we are 100% positive will disrupt and revolutionize the rental industry. Stay in touch, join our mailing list, connect with us on social media, and we promise to keep you informed and entertained!

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