sell your property fast

Want to move your property quickly?

Real estate is notoriously illiquid — it’s expensive and slow to buy or sell. But that “slow” is relative: it could mean two weeks or two years.

Try these tips to sell your home or investment property faster, and keep your money at work where it belongs.


1. Engage the Neighbors

Anthony Martin, CEO of Choice Mutual, points out that you have an invested team of potential marketers surrounding the property. “Ask your neighbors if they know anyone interested in moving.”

“You might be leaving but your neighbors won’t be, so they will be more invested than anyone that their new neighbor is a good one. Your neighbors might have leads on some potential buyers that they can send your way. It’s a win-win option for you and your neighbors and a completely free way to sell your house quickly.”


2. Create Polished Video & Virtual Tours

Tim Hill of Social Status puts it succinctly: “Sell your property on social media faster by creating a video listing.

“Now more than ever, social commerce has dominated businesses, including the real estate industry. Real estate professionals and private sellers use social media to reach more potential buyers. These buyers prefer browsing listings with many photos and videos because they feel like touring the actual house from the comfort of their own homes.”

Anthony Martin adds “Photos might not do your space justice.”

“By creating a virtual tour you are giving the best possible view of your layout, saving prospective buyers the effort of coming all the way to you for an initial viewing. Virtual tours can be made simply with an iPhone, or you can source a company to make a more polished one with drones and professional editing.”


3. Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

“One of the most vital things you can do when selling a home is to have professional photography,” says Bill Gassett, founder of Max Real Estate Exposure.

“The first showings of a home are not when a potential buyer walks through the front door but when they are sitting at their computer or smartphone sifting through listings.

“Homes sell quicker and for more money when they show exceptionally well online. More buyers will schedule showings which leads to more chances for an offer.”

And you may not have to foot the bill, either. “Real estate agents who don’t invest the money in professional photographs are doing their clients a disservice.”


4. Provide as Many Details as Possible

With more buyers and investors buying sight-unseen, more detail in the listings help them feel comfortable making an offer.

That goes beyond photos, and beyond your word about the property. Build buyers’ confidence by adding written reports and other information from third-parties. “Inspection certifications and reports are a must in property listings,” notes James Parsons, CEO of Content Powered.

“Listing as much information as possible provides peace of mind to potential customers and reduces unnecessary inquiries.”

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5. Don’t Fear the Off-Season

Luke Lee, CEO of Palaleather, explains “Selling your property during the spring or summer months may seem like the logical thing to do, but you may actually have better luck selling during the fall or winter. The housing market is typically slower during these months, which means there may be less competition from other sellers.

“Additionally, buyers during the off-season may be more serious about making a purchase, as they are often looking to move before the start of the school year or before the holidays.”

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6. Remove Half Your Stuff

Andrew Griffith, founder of Garden Furniture, puts it simply: “No buyer will be interested in your home unless you depersonalize it.”

Homebuyers want to imagine their own furniture and decor in the property — not yours. And the less stuff in the property, the more spacious each room appears.

“Declutter,” suggests Lisa McLean of The McLean Real Estate Team. “You do not want the potential buyer to think you are moving because you are out of space.

“Buyers will open closets and cabinets, so get a storage unit if necessary to keep those spaces looking roomy.”


7. “Pretty” Sells Faster

The McLeans go on: “The truth is in the market ‘pretty’ sells.

“Curb appeal is crucial. Dress up the front with fresh mulch and fresh flowers. Paint the front door, stage the porch. Clean cobwebs and powerwash your roof and siding. A buyer makes an almost immediate decision as to whether or not they’ll be open to liking a home within 30 seconds of pulling up to the front.

“Odor is important too. Simply cleaning the house is better than plugging in multiple air fresheners, which gives the illusion you are hiding something like a musty/mildewed basement, for example, when you really only want to mask the smell of wet dog.

“If remodeling is an option, focus on kitchens & baths, and remember that neutral finishes are always best.

“Another good investment is cohesive flooring throughout. Buyers don’t want to see 5 different types of flooring as they tour the home. It looks choppy and out-of date. Tile here, carpet there, laminate in another room, etc. Keep it to one type of flooring, or two at most.”


8. Don’t Overprice the Listing

“If you price your property too high, you can scare away potential buyers who think they can find a better deal elsewhere,” explains Luke Lee.

Lisa McLean expands on that point: “Price it aggressively and it will go into a multiple offer frenzy and go well over the asking price in this market.”

Plan out your pricing strategy carefully with your real estate agent.

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9. Strategically Offer Help with Closing Costs

“A secret to selling your property faster is to be willing to negotiate closing costs,” notes Karen Condor, a real estate expert with

“While buyers typically shoulder most of these costs — from appraisal fees to taxes to a home warranty — a seller could agree to cover some of the numerous fees in exchange for a quicker home sale.”

The lines have grown a little blurry about who pays which closing costs in recent years, with buyers often asking for a seller concession. But you can still attract interest by offering to cover your buyer’s appraisal or some other closing cost to grab some extra eyeballs.


10. Speak to Local Buyers’ Concerns & Interests

“Work closely with your real estate agent and research your market to reveal what is attracting buyers to your area and then craft promotional materials that will best meet their lifestyle needs and wants,” continues Karen Condor.

“For example, my market of Greenville, South Carolina, has been named one of the top places to work remotely. So we emphasize home features in our property promotions such as a home office and modern conveniences including internet speed and smart home systems.

Be ready to answer the top questions local buyers ask. This includes sharing what the sale of the house includes, typical costs for utilities, as well as the age of the house, the roof, and the key systems.

You’ll not only help expedite the home-buying process, but you’ll also gain a potential buyer’s confidence in moving forward on the sale. Your forthrightness and attention to detail will make them feel that they are investing in a sound property.”


Final Thoughts

There’s no silver bullet to sell your property instantly. But by combining all the best practices, you can ensure you move your property fast. 

And if the property doesn’t sell as quickly as you’d like, you can always keep it as a rental and earn some cash flow with a lease agreement.

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What are your best tips to sell a house fast?



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