best real estate investing blogs

Who said education had to be expensive?

Whatever real estate skills you want to learn, the best real estate blogs on the web provide rich, in-depth content to help bridge the gap between what you know today and what you need to know to build wealth with real estate.

From the top real estate investing blogs and landlord blogs to industry news, from real estate trends to tips and advice from agents, here are the only blogs you need to level up your real estate game.


Best Real Estate Investing Blogs

It’s no surprise that our first focus falls on real estate investing. We’re all about helping you learn how to build wealth through real estate, and in particular, to build passive income with rental properties.

Try these real estate investing blogs for best-in-class writing, real estate tools, expert advice, and tips to become a wealthier investor!


1. REtipster

Seth Williams knows real estate inside and out. While best known for his outstanding land investing course, Seth’s REtipster blog covers everything from flipping houses to landlord-tenant issues to mobile home investing and beyond.

As if the blog wasn’t enough, Seth also hosts an excellent podcast that runs the full gamut of real estate investing topics. If ever there were a rounded real estate investing expert on this planet, Seth is him.

For full disclosure, I do make regular appearances as a contributor on the REtipster blog. But I would have cited REtipster as one of the best real estate investing blogs long before Seth asked me to contribute.

You’re in good hands with Seth and his team.


2. Coach Carson

Chad Carson is knowledgeable, articulate, and an all-around good guy. I say that despite the fact that he sells a course on real estate investing that competes with our own FIRE from Real Estate course.

Chad got his start investing in student housing, but he has since diversified his portfolio and excels across the rental investing spectrum. A man after my own heart, he and his family spent 18 months in Ecuador living on rental income.

Beyond his (excellent) real estate investing blog, Coach Carson also features a podcast that is every bit as strong as their written content. Check them out, and say hi to Chad for me, as we’re the check-in-every-few-months kind of pen pals.


3. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is the 800-pound gorilla in the room of real estate investing blogs. No one can compete with them on size or scope, or on the reach of their blog.

Or, for that matter, on the sheer volume of their real estate investing podcast library.

Between the BiggerPockets blog, real estate podcasts, and forum, you can find an answer to just about any real estate investing question ever asked. By anyone, anywhere, in the history of the world.

That enormous content library proves both their greatest asset and their downside. You may find 15 articles on the same topic, of widely varying depth and quality.

It’s around now that I need to disclose that I am a regular contributor to BiggerPockets as well. But you already know that BiggerPockets appears on every list of the best real estate investing blogs, and for good reason. So, you’ll forgive me if I don’t feel the slightest guilt about highlighting them despite my connection.


4. RealWealth Network

I’ve never actually spoken to Kathy or Rich Fettke – which is odd because Kathy has written several articles for SparkRental, and I’ve written several for the RealWealth blog.

Ultimately, we share the same goal: help people reach financial independence with real estate.

RealWealth goes about it slightly differently, however. Through a membership program, they work one-on-one with investors to help them polish their real estate investing strategy, connect investors with turnkey properties and sellers, and scale their real estate portfolio.

Kathy and Rich Fettke are the real deal, and particularly shine with long-distance real estate investing. In addition to their top real estate blog, check out their podcast, which is just as smooth and refined as their coaching and membership program!

Oh, and that says nothing of the fact that RealWealth sponsors its own real estate syndications. While they mostly serve accredited investors, check out the real estate deals that RealWealth is cooking up.


5. Afford Anything

Another blogger known for teaching financial independence with real estate, Paula Pant is technically a competitor, particularly with her online course on the topic. But she’s so sharp I can’t help but respect her and her content.

Like many of the other best real estate investing blogs on this list, Afford Anything also maintains a podcast. Which, admittedly, publishes more consistently than her blog. But both remain relevant and comprehensive no matter how screwy the economy, real estate market, and political landscape get.

And Paula is another kindred spirit who uses her rental income to travel the world. How can I not foster a bit of a professional crush on someone who shares my passions for real estate investing, financial independence, and international travel?


6. Rentometer

A landlord blog at heart, Rentometer covers ground from choosing rental properties to calculating rental cash flow to better property management practices. They overlap significantly with SparkRental which is why we regularly exchange articles with them!

Given that their core service involves rental market research, their real estate blog particularly excels there. And accurately estimating market rents is a skill every single rental investor needs to master.

Check out their Neighborhood Snapshot series for deep dives into specific city neighborhoods.

What the #%& are real estate syndications, and do they really earn 15-50% returns?

7. REI Nation

Chris Clothier’s REI Nation first and foremost focuses on turnkey investing. Which makes sense, since they sell turnkey rental properties.

In addition to helping you learn how to buy turnkey properties long-distance – and selling you those properties if you want them – Chris does a great job with market analysis, breaking down the economic and social trends impacting real estate markets today. He combines an intuitive grasp of market trends with hard data and statistics.

If you’re interested in long-distance investing in sight-unseen turnkey properties, or just want to keep up with housing market news, keep an eye on the REI Nation blog.


8. Mashvisor

As a company, Mashvisor’s core business model involves helping investors analyze and compare property returns for both the long-term rental and vacation rental business models. So while they feature great content around traditional buy-and-hold property investing, they do a particularly great job with their Airbnb/vacation rental content.

Prolific publishers, their article library has serious article depth. And the Mashvisor blog goes beyond the usual how-tos and listicles to compile in-depth pieces analyzing individual markets. Secondary markets, tertiary markets; Mashvisor has all cities of any real population covered. They track housing metrics nationwide, and keep us updated with our running overview of the best cities by cap rate in the US.

Again, full disclosure: we work closely with Mashvisor, and I frequently contribute to their blog.


9. Just Ask Ben Why

Fellow BiggerPockets columnist Ben Leybovich has made a name for himself in the multifamily space, teaching readers and podcast listeners how to invest in apartment buildings.

From raising capital to analyzing cap rates, due diligence to syndications, Ben’s Just Ask Ben Why blog covers all things multifamily investing. Speaking of syndications, that remains a standout area of expertise for Ben. If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a real estate syndication – either as a syndicator or a capital investor – check out Ben’s blog and podcast to learn the ropes.


10. SparkRental

What, you thought we’d force on some false modesty like an ill-fitting jacket?

Our mission at SparkRental is simple: help you build enough passive income from real estate to cover your living expenses, so your day job becomes optional. In other words, financial independence through real estate.

From basics like how to buy your first rental property with no money down to money-saving tactics like house hacking, we walk you through everything from turnkey property investing to renovation strategies like the BRRRR method. Plus property management tips like how to reduce tenant turnovers. And case studies of other investors who reached financial independence from real estate.

For people more interested in passive real estate investing (like me, nowadays), we teach you how to invest in real estate syndications and real estate crowdfunding. Check out our free class on how to earn 15-50% returns on syndications if you’re new to them. 

If the hundreds of free articles aren’t enough, we also provide a range of free landlord tools such as online rental applications, a free rental income calculator, and our comparison charts breaking down your options for investment property loans.

All right, now that we covered the best real estate investing blogs on the web, what about other types of real estate blogs?


Real Estate Market News

Yes, many of the real estate investing blogs above cover market trends in great detail. But they all cover real estate investing first and foremost.

The following blogs, in contrast, cover market analysis, news, and trends as their primary focus. They tend to be written for homebuyers, not investors, but don’t hold that against them – they all excel at taking complex economic data and presenting it in digestible morsels for the lay masses.

And if they’re all more corporate than the scrappier small businesses we typically prefer to work with, well, that’s the price of maintaining the best market data and economists in the country.



Despite the name, writes primarily for the masses, not for real estate agents.

They do an especially good job with real estate news and market trends – hence their placement here. From home price shifts to inventory to sales volume,’s blog covers real estate news like no one else.

Beyond the raw numbers, they also explore style and design trends, how demographic changes affect demand, tips and tricks for sellers, and just about everything else real estate-related that you could think of. Again, for full disclosure, we enjoy a strong working relationship with, having contributed to over 15 of their articles.

To keep the lights on, they do succumb to reader demand for celebrity real estate news. But my wife Katie tells me I need to be less judgmental, so… I’ll just quit while I’m ahead.


2. Redfin

Swimming similar seas, Redfin excels at reporting real estate news, market trends, and other factual data.

I particularly appreciate Redfin’s original research. They conduct polls, surveys, economic data analysis, and consistently seek to better understand US real estate markets on both the national and local levels.

Plus, you know, the celebrity and mansion photo pieces that readers just can’t get enough of. But hey, I get it: blogs need eyeballs, and you have to give readers what they want. Feed the beast, or the beast eats you!


3. The NAR

The National Association of Realtors similarly assembles outstanding original data, including weekly, monthly, and annual reports. During the pandemic, the NAR has been a leading source of housing market updates.

Which should come as no surprise. With their bird’s eye view of nationwide housing markets and ample access to data, they can provide both high-level and granular insights into the trends affecting real estate across the country.

Much of their content also serves their core constituency, real estate agents. But don’t assume that’s all they do – if anything, it makes up a minority of their content.

(article continues below)

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How about long-term rental property loans?

We compare several buy-and-rehab lenders and several long-term landlord loans on LTV, interest rates, closing costs, income requirements and more.

4. Roofstock

As a platform for buying and selling turnkey rental properties long-distance, Roofstock offers excellent market research – particularly in the markets where they operate.

But their blog goes beyond market analysis and industry trends. Because they serve real estate investors specifically, they not only keep that perspective squarely in mind in all research and reporting, but also provide valuable resources for turnkey investors. From real estate technology to financing, cap rates to real estate cash flow analysis, Roofstock keeps you in the know.

To keep the disclosure boat afloat, SparkRental maintains a partnership with Roofstock. And hey, if it were up to us, we’d be partnered with every one of the best real estate blogs on this list!


5. Trulia

While Trulia is owned by Zillow, it maintains its own separate blog. Which I appreciate, as Zillow’s Porchlight blog mostly covers DIY home improvements, moving tips, and other Holly Homeowner topics.

Trulia’s blog, while featuring plenty of those topics too, tends to focus more on neighborhood information. Granted, they write for homeowners rather than investors, but investors can glean plenty of insights from their feature stories. Keep a particular eye out for new ideas for cities, towns, and neighborhoods to invest in that you never would have discovered otherwise.


Real Estate Agent & Marketing Blogs

Want to become a double-threat real estate professional and investor?

Doing both creates some efficiencies for you, beyond just saving a little money on commissions and getting direct access to the MLS. By concentrating your expertise, by living and breathing the real estate industry, you build both your real estate network and skill set far faster.


1. InvestFourMore

Mark Ferguson perfectly embodies that double-threat of investor and real estate agent. As an expert in both areas, he teaches you how to become superlative in each.

From the basics like property analysis to advanced real estate marketing tactics, Mark’s InvestFourMore blog covers it all. It’s been around for years and remains relevant as one of the best real estate blogs on the web.

And when you get sick of looking at your computer screen to learn real estate, pick up one of Mark’s eight books on real estate investing, succeeding in the real estate business, and personal development. Mark offers clear, practical advice and educational resources for rental property owners, house flippers, and brokerage real estate advisors alike.


2. List with Clever

A discount real estate brokerage, Clever’s blog offers insights to both homeowners and investors alike.

I particularly like their attention to investors, less common among garden variety real estate agent blogs. They operate nationwide, so they don’t just overanalyze one market to death. Instead, they focus on the fundamentals of buying, selling, or investing in real estate.

It doesn’t hurt that we know and like their Head of Research, Thomas O’Shaughnessy, who’s both a sharp marketer and extremely knowledgeable about real estate at large. Again, full disclosure, we collaborate with Clever frequently on content – because they do such a great job with it.


3. Max Real Estate Exposure

Speaking of exceptional marketers, Bill Gassett of Max Real Estate Exposure knows marketing. Consider his blog aptly named.

He covers everything from financing to moving, selling tricks to lien searches, and land loans to where to donate furniture when you move. And he does so not only on his own blog, but in a far-reaching network with other real estate bloggers. Bill is so knowledgeable about so many different facets of real estate that you never quite know what to expect on his blog, which makes it a fun, rounded hodgepodge of real estate facts, tips, tricks, and trivia.

Again, we work with Bill on content collaborations, so full disclosure, yada yada yada.


4. Rochester Real Estate Blog

While nominally a local real estate blog, the Rochester Real Estate blog brings a certain polish and professionalism not seen in most of its peers.

Kyle Hiscock serves up a wide range of real estate topics, servicing investors in addition to the standard homebuyer and seller pieces. From flipping to multifamily to renovation, Kyle brings his investing expertise to his readers, and clearly enjoys working with investors.

He also maintains a strong social media presence, as brought to my attention by our own social media manager, Tara Scott.


5. Imagine Your House

Lynn Pineda’s Imagine Your House blog tackles universal homeownership and investing topics, despite her Florida-only real estate practice. She writes clearly and easily, making her blog a pleasure to read.

Brush up on renovation and landscaping trends, home selling tricks, core real estate investment concepts and more. And while you’re at it, look over Lynn’s hometown of Coral Springs as an under-the-radar place to invest in real estate!


Final Thoughts

The good ol’ interwebs are full of real estate blogs, most of which are boring exercises in mediocrity.

For clever investing tactics, up-to-the-minute housing trends, and everything else that real estate investors need to stay current on, start with the best real estate blogs outlined above. Each real estate expert serves a specific niche, and even more than that, brings a unique perspective about making money from real estate.

To quote a cliché at you, leaders are readers. The more you learn, the more you earn. All right, I’m out of rhyming platitudes, but you get the idea: your success does depend on what you know, not just who you know, so take continuing education seriously if you want to build wealth!


What are your favorite real estate investing blogs? What makes them stand out as top real estate blogs?



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